William and Kate are pregnant

by ANDREA FRENCH Section Editor

Prince William and wife, Kate announced that they are officially pregnant. There has been much speculation as to when these royals would become pregnant, and produce the third in line to the royal throne.

Duchess Kate and Prince William were reluctant to tell the public this early in the pregnancy. However, they were obligated to announce it because Duchess Kate had to go to the hospital for four nights due to her acute morning sickness. She was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute form of morning sickness that causes severe nausea and vomiting, which needs to be treated with supplementary nutrients and hydration.

Kate was released from London’s King Edward VII hospital on Thursday, December 6. She was seen on the steps of the hospital holding a bouquet of yellow flowers, with husband William right by her side. Both William and Kate did not say anything to the press about their child. A statement was made from the palace saying that Kate will return to Kensington Palace for her time of rest. So far, there is no announcement as to when the baby is due.

According to most witnesses, Kate is less than 12 weeks pregnant, hence why they did not want to tell anyone this early. Also, hyperemesis gravidarum is much more common in twin pregnancies. Therefore, a lot of people are speculating that she may be carry twins.

“I am so thrilled that William and Kate are having a baby. They are under so much pressure to have children and to fit in line with all the other royals. I just can’t wait to see how adorable that little child is going to be!” says sophomore Taylor Zeni.

Recently, the government has decided to pass legislation that allows female siblings to have as much right to the throne as her male sibling. In the past, the male has always had precedence over their female sibling. Therefore, Kate could now be carrying the new Queen.

“I can’t believe that they are already pregnant! I feel like they just got married!” says sophomore Catarina Santo.

A lot of attention is being focused on what William will do next summer with his military duties. He obviously  needs to focus on his soon-to-be parenthood instead of the military.

“I feel sad for Kate. She is receiving so much publicity from so many reporters. I feel like sheis stressed enough with the pregnancy, that she doesn’t need to worry about how and when to public is going to find out their news,” says sophomore Samantha Fasbach.

As anyone could have predicted, there are already dozens of Twitter accounts, websites and polls questioning what the name of the soon-to-be royal child or children will be. Also, on Twitter, there are already dozens of accounts that are imitating things the baby would be saying while inside Kate. Such tweets refer to Prince Harry being fourth in line and what gender the child or children may be.

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