Will you be going to the ‘On The Road Again’ tour?

by BRIANNA SICILIANO Social Media Coordinator

One Direction began their stadium world tour on February 7, 2015, kicking their first concert off in Sydney, Australia. Tens of thousands of fans gathered in Allianz Stadium to hear what songs the band would sing, and see the excitement in their eyes.

Well, those fans were not the only fans.

At 4:50 in the morning Eastern Standard Time, or 8:40 in the evening Sydney time, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne jumped on stage and began the tour with a fan-favorite song off of their new album “Clouds.”

The entire setlist includes: 1. “Clouds” 2. “Steal My Girl” 3. “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” 4. “Midnight Memories” 5. “Kiss You” 6. “Ready To Run” 7. “Happily” 8. “Strong” 9. Better Than Words” 10. “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” 11. “Little Things” 12. “Night Changes” 13. “Alive” 14. “Diana” 15. “One Thing” 16. “What Makes You Beautiful” 17. “Through the Dark” 18. “Girl Almighty” 19. “Story of My Life” 20. “You & I” 21. “Little White Lies” 22. “Little Black Dress” 23. “Best Song Ever”

One Direction’s tours always stir up a variety of opinions, and fans had no problem voicing theirs. From February 7 through February 15, the majority of the crowd at each concert chanted “Stockholm Syndrome” (one of the songs that was released on their latest album, “FOUR”).

Styles, Tomlinson, Horan, Malik, and Payne’s last tour, the “Where We Are” (WWA) tour, was not performed in any Australian locations. Fans all over the world are unsure if the setlist listed above is the official “On the Road Again” setlist, or just the Australian portion of the tour’s setlist.

Above I have repeatedly said “fans all over the world,” not just “Australian fans.” I even included what time the tour kicked off for our timezone. Why? Because the first tour was watched by fans in New Jersey, New York, California, England, Italy, Brazil, Japan, and any other place you could think of, all thanks to Australian fans who shared videos instantly through apps like “Vine,” “Twitter,” and “Instagram.”

One Direction fans have continued to watch concerts through all of these sites, and many are even watching as the concerts are going on. Timezones and continental barriers are no longer holding back One Direction fans.

Some members of One Direction’s tour noticed the mixed feelings and opinions about the tour’s setlist, and asked fans about their opinions. Well, ask and you shall receive. Thousands of replies flooded in with the same general answers, including: “More songs from ‘FOUR!'” and “Add ‘No Control’ and ‘Stockholm Syndrome.'”

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What songs do you hope will be added and/or taken away from the setlist? Will you be going to see One Direction when their tour comes to North America?

The band will be playing at Heinz Field (in Pittsburgh) on August 2,  Metlife Stadium on August 5, Lincoln Financial Field on September 1, and many concerts in between. Tickets are still available (some are even floor seats) so check out http://www.ontheroadagain1d.com/ and make some summer plans.

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