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Why you shouldn’t wear blue eye shadow and other makeup atrocities

by JADA MINAYA Section Editor

Makeup is something that some girls are too lazy to bother learning how to do. It’s also a passion for others where they spend hours watching tutorials and spend hundreds of dollars on the latest unnecessary “pretty” products. That person is me. But whether you are someone who doesn’t care for makeup or loves it, there are definitely do’s and don’ts to it that all girls should know.

“Don’t put bronzer all over your face, don’t cake it up, no clumpy lashes, fill in your eyebrows correctly, do not put eyeliner all over your eyelid and do not wear a lot of bright colors on your face like a clown,” says junior Sammi Magaraci.

Now don’t get me wrong here – makeup is an art. It is much more then just going to CVS and picking out a foundation that covers your acne or picking up a pretty lipstick from Mac Cosmetics just to say “I have a Mac lipstick.” Well, for some girls that may obviously be the case, but that is not what makeup itself is about.

What I’m trying to get at is that you can do whatever you want with makeup.

To be honest, there are no wrongs when it comes to it because it is an art and art can never be wrong. It is your own creativity.

However, there are some mistakes that I find some girls make and I may say, “This is completely wrong, don’t do it”, “Only do this if you want to be laughed at”, and “You will look like a gremlin”, but that does not necessarily mean they are wrong. If that is what you like, then keep doing it with confidence because it is your own creativity.

“I hate when girls foundation doesn’t match their neck or when they wear too thick of eyeliner or too much blush,” said senior Rachel Fawzy.

When it comes to makeup, I do have my opinion of what is right and what is wrong. People will disagree with this. For example, I think everyone should overline their lips because who does not want big lips?

Then a whole congregation of girls will proceed to yell at me saying, “I don’t”, “Fish lips are gross”, “No one wants nasty Kylie Jenner lips”. I just happen to disagree with them. This is pretty much my disclaimer.

Now let us hop into what I personally believe you should never do with your makeup, or what you should be doing.

  1. DO NOT wear blue eye shadow. Nothing makes me cringe more than when I see a girl with sparkly blue eye shadow on her eyelid. This is not the eighties, and it is also a dead giveaway that you do not have a hip-cool mom. If you really like blue eyeshadow, look up on YouTube “wearable blue smokey eye” for something that is more…wearable.

  2. DO NOT use those stupid sponge applicators that come with drugstore eyeshadows. Just no. I do not know how else to explain this other than your eyeshadow will not look nice and this also will be a dead giveaway that you do not have a hip and cool mom. Go to Ulta, Sephora, or online to purchase some eyeshadow brushes and you will be amazed at how much better they work.

  3. DO NOT get the wrong foundation type. In order to get a good foundation, you need to know your skin type. Are you oily, dry, or combination? If you’re oily, a matte foundation will work for you. If you’re dry like me, a satin or dewy foundation will work for you. You do not want to be dry and get a matte foundation because your skin will flake and be even more dry and uncomfortable (I learned from that mistake). If you are very oily, you do not want a dewy foundation because it will make you look like you’re sweating.

  4. DO NOT get the wrong foundation shade. Do not try to be lighter or darker then the rest of your body. Get your own skintone for the love of God. Also learn what your skin undertone is – are you more pink or yellow? Then choose a foundation with that undertone.

  5. DO NOT use your foundation as your undereye concealer. When I see girls do this I wanna scream, “WHAT THE (h-e-double hockey sticks) ARE YOU DOING?”. Your undereye concealer should be AT LEAST one shade lighter than your skintone. At least.

  6. DO NOT bronze your whole entire face. It is not flattering and you do not wanna look like Snooki circa 2010. Instead apply your bronzer to just your jawline, neck, perimeter of your forehead, and the hollows of your cheekbones.

  7. PLEASE fill in your eyebrows when wearing a full face of makeup. Another thing that makes me cringe is when girls take a picture with a flash and all you see are these little gray hairs above their eyelids that are supposed to be eyebrows and their foundation lightened them. You do not have to do much, just a brow pencil or brown shadow and you can just follow your natural shape or give yourself brows you have always dreamed of. By the way girls: thick and full beautiful brows are in.

  8. PLEASE use lipliner when wearing lipstick. This is something I have recently discovered and not wearing it is not a complete sin, but it does help a lot. I am not saying you have to overdraw your lips and be full out Kylie Jenner or Jada Minaya, but you can if you want; just by following your natural lip line, this will give your lips a nice shape and also make your lipstick look much more neat compared to just applying your lipstick.

I could go on and on about other tips, tricks, and suggestions for makeup, but I decided to just give you the basics. Again, you do not have to do these things, they are just suggestions from my personal opinion and experiences. If you are interested in more, however, you can check out my YouTube makeup tutorials here .

Remember always, it is all about creativity and making yourself feel confident.

What is your most hated makeup “don’t”?

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