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Why Widener

Seniors have a huge choice to make before they finish high school, which will send students across the country, eager to start living independently and finding a well paying job. If that is the case, look to Chester, Pennsylvania for your college education at Widener University.

Widener University believes that “academic excellence, career preparation, and civic engagement are the foundations for success,” according to the official website. Many opportunities are open to students that are based upon these guidelines for success of which approximately 3,009 undergraduates can take advantage.

More specifically, the second of these principles is one of the main focuses of Widener. The school offers many fields of study for students that have different interests and career goals. The university’s most popular majors include business, nursing, physical therapy, and engineering, and provides other courses including sciences, social work, and education.

To help garner interest in a certain occupation, Widener offers a paid co-op program (an opportunity to obtain work experience while taking a break from school to work full-time), as well as the chance to study abroad in Europe. Both programs are optional, but are provided to help students prepare for their future careers.

Senior Gina DiRusso says, “I look for a school with a lot of internships and other programs that could help me find a job after I graduate.”

Furthermore, Widener allows students to help the community in many ways. Fraternities and sororities constantly volunteer with programs that the school has partnered with such as Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Widener hopes that through this civic engagement, “students develop 21st century skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and socially-responsible leadership.”

Widener is small, but there are plenty of activities to keep students busy. Restaurants are scattered around the campus including Moe’s, Subway, Einstein’s Bagels, and Burger Studio. Recently added is a new training facility including a rock wall and other gym equipment. The staff at Widener are always planning events for students to enjoy such as movie nights, ski trips, and bingo night.

Junior Emily Christensen says, “I prefer smaller classes so that I can get to know the teacher and other students well enough to ask for help from people who truly know me.”

Widener is a school of pride, and its small size creates a strong sense of family. The sports website, for example, is The university has a running campaign called “We’re all Widener,” which is an anti-discrimination movement that works to make all students feel accepted on campus.

Another theme of Widener is leadership. Workshops are provided to help students become independent and learn skills that would give each participant an edge in the competitive job market. A physical certificate is awarded for completing enough workshops.

Anyone on the fence about Widener can learn more through Open House days, weekly tours, shadowing a student, and academic workshops. To apply, fill out the free application on the official website with a high school transcript, SAT or ACT score, and counselor evaluation form.

Does Widener have what you are looking for in a college. If so, what aspect sold you the most on Widener? If not, what is the school lacking?

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