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What I wish I knew going into high school

I remember entering high school full of nerves, fears, and excitement. I had heard mixed reviews from others about what high school would be: some said it is the best four years of your life, others said it is the worst. Truthfully? High school is a mixture of both.

While in high school, many big changes happen. Classes become challenging, homework piles up, and the hours of sleep you used to get fly right out the window. Reflecting back on the past four years of my life, I learned a lot of lessons.

1. Friends will change. You might have been best friends with someone every single year leading up to high school and then one day, things will be completely different. You will not talk as much as you used to, or possibly not even at all. You make different friend groups and that is OKAY! You are not the only one!

2. Do your best to stay focused on schoolwork from day one of your high school career. By the time your senior year comes, you will realize that the higher your GPA, the more money you will get on academic scholarships for colleges. There are no do-overs in high school. Failing a test or a marking period or a course will show up on your transcripts and will negatively impact your overall GPA.

3. Spend less time trying to impress others (peers, teachers, etcetera) and more time and energy on yourself. When you walk out of high school graduation, teachers will not be in your life. Your friends might not be in your life, but you will be in your life. Take the time out of your schedule to learn who you are and what makes you happy. That will be very beneficial in the long run.

4. STOP PROCRASTINATING! I was not a big procrastinator until junior year, and once I started, I never stopped. Take it from me, your life is much less stressful if you do not procrastinate. You will not be up at midnight doing homework, studying for a test, or finishing a project that you have had days to complete if you avoid procrastination and make time to get your work done.

5. Have fun. Everyone has a different definition for the word ‘fun.’ For some people, fun means being in the company of friends or family; for others, it means reading, creating art, making music, listening to music, etcetera. Do things you enjoy.

6. Make good choices. There always options in every situation you face, and it is your responsibility to make good choices (school-wise and personal-wise). Take time to think about your priorities, and think about the end result of different situations. Missing out on a night with friends to spend time with parents and/or grandparents might be the best decision you ever make.

7. Learn from your mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes; after all, everyone makes them. But if you keep making the same mistake over and over again, you have an issue. Learn from your mistakes.

What are some things you wish you had known when entering high school?

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