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Welcoming baby Wyatt Isabelle

by JADA MINAYA Staff Writer

Stars of “That 70’s Show” Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed their first child together, Wyatt Isabelle, on October 1.

For the past month, the engaged couple has been embracing parenthood to its fullest extent. Both have been very hands-on with baby Wyatt and are very excited about their first child. Kutcher has claimed he is now a “pro” at parenting and loves staying home with his baby girl.

“I feel like a baby whisperer,” Kutcher said on “Conan”.

Kutcher announced on Conan why they chose a unique name such as “Wyatt” for their baby girl. The couple had chosen a baby name together before Kunis was ever pregnant. However, they felt the name did not suit the energy and vibes they were getting from her pregnancy. Then one day, Kutcher said he started getting “name Tourette’s” and started shouting out random names such as “door” and “sign”. After Kunis started to get annoyed, he finally said “Wyatt” in which she responded “that’s it”.

“The child is gonna be beautiful. I’m really happy for them. There’s not many love stories like their’s,” said junior Nicholas Filchukov.

In celebration of Wyatt’s birth, Kunis decided to design an emerald motherhood ring. Emerald stones are symbols for motherhood, wisdom, and long-lasting love. The ring is a part of the Marina B collection known as “the Mila ring”. One hundred percent of the rings’ proceeds will be donated to the Gemfields Nkana Health Center. The ring retails for $4,800.

“I loved watching ‘That 70’s Show’ and the fact that they are together now and had their first baby together is absolutely adorable,” said junior Samantha Collura.

It is no secret that this couple has been stealing the hearts of many since the beginning of “That 70’s Show”. After dating during the show, them parting ways and both having other relationships, Kutcher being married, then coming back to each other, viewers of “That 70’s Show” are happy to see this couple together again at last.

During her pregnancy, Kunis was a very active mother when preparing for the baby. She attended prenatal yoga classes, went for walks often, and spent lots of time with her soon-to-be hubby.

As far as Kunis’ pregnancy style, however, comfort was her custom. She loved flowy maxi skirts, loose fitting dresses, and comfortable stretchy tank tops, much different from Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy approach of couture fashion and articles most pregnant women would not be caught dead in.

Mommy and daddy of Wyatt are both trying to exceed Hollywood couple’s standards in parenting. Kutcher and Kunis have both agreed to not get a nanny, night nurse, or anything of the sort. Both parents did a lot of research in parenting in excitement for their upcoming baby.

In most recent news, Kutcher and Kunis took newborn Wyatt Isabelle out to dinner in Studio City, California at the Gadarene. They enjoyed a 10-course chef’s tasting, and insiders said they looked “happy beyond belief” and “couldn’t stop laughing”.

The lovely couple have obviously been enjoying their parenting duties with their beautiful daughter, and will continue to be the most devoted parents they can be together.

What kind of parents do you think Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis will turn out to be?

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