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Watch out for Cherry Glazerr

California rock trio Cherry Glazerr, fronted by 18-year-old Clementine Creevy, is the band to watch in 2015.

There are no bands out there like Cherry Glazerr. Their songs are simple, as they are only a three-piece band, but they are far from boring. They have catchy bass lines by Sean Redman, tight drumming by Hannah Uribe, and, most importantly, unusual lyrics by Creevy.

For example, one song off of Cherry Glazerr’s debut album, “Haxel Princess,” is called “Grilled Cheese.” It’s lyrics are as follows:

Grilled cheese

In my mouth

Get on your knees

If you want a bite, go fly a kite

Got the bread, got the cheese

Make me a grilled cheese please

Yes, “Grilled Cheese” is literally just about a grilled cheese sandwich.

Not all Cherry Glazerr songs are quite so silly. Some songs have really meaningful lyrics, like “Bloody Bandaid,” which is about a schoolgirl crush gone wrong, or “Glenn the Dawg,” which is about losing a beloved pet dog.

Cherry Glazerr began with a 15-year-old Creevy recording her own songs on GarageBand and uploading them to SoundCloud under the username Clembutt. Orange County underground rock label Burger Records heard her songs and took an interest, prompting her to form Cherry Glazerr. The band was then signed to Burger Records and has achieved much success since.

Cherry Glazerr was the sole rock act to perform at Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyler the Creator’s music festival, in 2014. They have also played shows with other famous artists, like Sky Ferreira, and at other various festivals, such as Mountain Jam.

“I love them,” said sophomore Miranda Crowley. “They sound like a more mellow, modern and technical version of Nirvana.”

They released their EP “Papa Cremp” in 2013, and in 2014 followed up with “Haxel Princess.” After “Haxel Princess,” they released single “Had Ten Dollaz/Nurse Ratched” with Suicide Squeeze Records, and then a cover of Tiny Tim’s “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” for the movie “Insidious 3.”

Jam in the Van

Creevy was even featured on the song “OKAGA, CA,” on Tyler the Creator’s new album “Cherry Bomb.”

Uribe and Creevy had been finishing high school while touring, recording albums, and managing the band. They just graduated on May 1, 2015.

Creevy said, “We started playing shows about two years ago, and in the beginning when we started gaining traction, people in the music industry kept saying, ‘What are you still doing in school?! Drop out or graduate early!’ That was certainly tempting . . . but I did it because I appreciate my education immensely and go to a wonderful school with wonderful teachers.”

Now that Creevy and Uribe have graduated high school, we are going to be hearing a lot from Cherry Glazerr. They are currently in the process of writing their second full-length album and playing shows.

But one question still remains: how did they come up with the name Cherry Glazerr?

The name was, oddly enough, inspired by KCRW-FM radio host Chery Glaser. Why? Because Creevy thinks she has a “great name”.

“Cherry Glazerr is rad and I would recommend them to all you cool cats,” said junior Madison Lipoff.

What is your favorite Cherry Glazerr song?

  1. Had Ten Dollaz

  2. Teenage Girl

  3. Haxel Princess

  4. Grilled Cheese

  5. White's Not My Color This Evening

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