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Walking to fight AIDS

by JUSTIN LOCK Staff Writer

AIDS Walk New York will start on May 19 on 446 West 33rd St. to raise money for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and AIDS service organizations in the tri-state area.

So far, people have donated over 2 million dollars online on the AIDS Walk New York website. People can also register on the website to walk.

There will be teams of walkers representing companies, schools, churches, and organizations. Walkers can also participate in teams composed of family or friends, ranging from two to more than 1,000 walkers.

Each team will have a team leader to recruit, inspire, and motivate team members. A team leader first has to give registration information to people that want to participate.

Teams that have 25 or more walkers can register for a team meeting station, which they can decorate and eat breakfast in before the walk begins.

There are gold teams, which are the top 20 teams that raised the most amount of money. Last year, gold teams raised one quarter of the total money collected.

AIDS Walk New York provides display stands and posters to help walkers recruit members for their team.

Freshman Christian Remolado said, “I’ve seen advertisements for the New York AIDS Walk in school around stairways.”

For walkers that set a goal to raise more than $1,000 and achieve this can join the Star Walkers Club and get a Star Pass, which gives them access to the Star Walkers Breakfast.

Sign-in registration will open at 8:30 a.m and AIDS Walk New York will begin at 10:00 a.m. Before the walk begins, there will be an aerobic warm up and opening ceremony.

The walk is 6.2 miles long and it is estimated to take two to three hours to complete.

Junior Dan Garuccio said, “I’ll walk the whole way and donate at least 200 dollars.”

Walkers do not have to raise any money, but it is encouraged to set a fundraising goal and to try to achieve it.

The AIDS Walk New York website suggests people can raise money by setting up a fundraising web page and sending an e-mail with a link to that web page to friends, family, and co-workers to donate money.

The website also suggests using a company’s Matching Gift Programs that matches the amount of money an employee gives to a charitable organization like the AIDS Walk.

Aside from walking or fundraising, people can support AIDS Walk New York by becoming a corporate sponsor or volunteering to do jobs at the walk. Volunteers can direct where walkers should go, give out snacks and beverages, set up and manage check points, and other jobs.

Today, at least 1 million people are living with HIV or AIDS in the U.S and the money raised by the AIDS walk can help these people.

Will you participate in AIDS Walk New York?

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