“Waist training” is a waste of time

“Waist training” – yet another dumb trend celebrities and their followers are obsessing over. It is trends as stupid as this that make me lose faith in humanity.

Waist training, also referred to as “corset training,” is the act of wearing a super tight corset in the hopes of shedding weight and altering your silhouette to develop an hourglass-type figure.

Famous celebrities such as the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, and Lily James are advocates of waist training. Kim Kardashian in particular declared how she was “obsessed” with waist training.

Many young women are now following in their footsteps and trying to “train” their own waists to be thinner by also wearing tight corsets. They believe it will help them lose weight and give them a more curved physique.

So does waist training actually work? Well, here is what actual doctors and experts have to say about it.

No, wearing a corset does not remove any fat cells, thus making it completely inefficient if your goal is to lose weight just by wearing the corset alone. However, by wearing it, you are preventing your stomach from expanding, so you may feel fuller quicker after you eat and you may not eat as much – and this is what may cause you to lose a bit of weight.

Also, one cannot reasonably believe that just wearing a corset for hours upon hours a day will eventually alter their silhouette. Sure, it may make you eat less food and that can make you lose some weight, but when you remove the corset, that hour glass figure will not remain permanent.

Some experts also believe that wearing a “waist training” corset can actually decrease the strength of your core, having the opposite effect of what you are going for if your goal is a flatter stomach.

Freshman Gabrielle Ondayko said, “Why would people do this? Even if people wanted to lose weight, they should do it naturally with a normal diet and exercise. I’m completely against this method of weight loss and believe it’s unhealthy.”

Wearing a corset every day will make one feel super uncomfortable, and since the corset is cinching and distorting your waist, you will feel sick and possibly vomit if you eat too much.

If the corset is extremely tight, you may also experience intense sweating – and that’s pretty gross. Also, something as simple as breathing becomes a difficult task when wearing a such a tight corset. It has been proven to be able to contribute to heartburn as well.

Freshman Shannon Welsher said, “There are so many harmful effects of doing this. I do not think it’s worth all this just to try to lose weight. It does more harm and does not benefit anyone in anyway.”

Overall, waist training is a just a glorified way to lose weight. The cons obviously outweigh the pros, and leads the user to experience inhumane consequences.

What are your thoughts on waist training? Is it a waste to you?

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