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Valentine’s Day gifts and activities


It is February, and you know what that means – it is the month of love with a special day called Valentine’s Day where lovers express love for one another by offering flowers, romantic cards, and other gifts.

“I think it’s a nice day to show love for everyone you care about even if you don’t have a special someone!” said sophomore Jaclynn Baird.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the one day that you flourish your loved one with gifts. The most common item that lovers give to each other is chocolate. Expensive chocolate is the most popular gift you can receive to which many look forward. I mean, who doesn’t want creamy, delightful expensive chocolate? Godiva is the most popular expensive chocolate product to give to a partner.

“I like to receive chocolates and other candies along with stuffed animals and flowers from my mom and dad,” said sophomore Christina Volkmann.

Another gift you can expect is obviously a card! Most people like to purchase heart-warming cards and express how they truly feel to one another to make things more special.

Flowers and roses are not a surprise on Valentine’s Day since it is one of the top gifts you can receive. Other gifts you may purchase for your lover are gift baskets and cute teddy bears that have hearts or something related to Valentine’s Day.

Gifts that a man can also purchase for his wife or girlfriend could be an expensive heart necklace, perfume, a Victoria’s Secret gift card, or Lush or Bath & Body Works products. For teenage boys, you can also find an intelligent way to ask your significant other to prom.

On Valentine’s Day, there are tons of activities you can do with a partner! Every year, there is always a romantic movie that comes out on Valentine’s Day. This year’s movie is “Safe Haven” starring Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough. You can either go out or stay in, order take out, and watch a romantic movie at home such as “Valentine’s Day”.

If you are looking to go out and do something over than watch a movie, a romantic dinner would be especially perfect. You may also surprise your lover by cooking a romantic dinner at home as well.

Other activities you can do are taking a walk in the park, go on a picnic, or ice skating.

Of course, there are those who are anti-relationship on Valentine’s Day. However, there are a ton of things to do by yourself or with your friends, such as going to the mall. The mall usually has Valentine’s Day specials or sales every year on this special day. Dinner with a group of single friends is also acceptable if you do not have anyone with whom to share Valentine’s Day.

You can visit a local Lush store, or even a Bath & Body Works store and purchase bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melts, or any other essential bath products to take a warm, relaxing, soothing bath. If you don’t feel like setting up a bath and such, you can treat yourself to a relaxing spa day with just yourself, or invite your single friends to join.

The last activity that is super common on Valentine’s Day for anti-relationship people is going to a party with your friends. Who knows, you may meet your significant other.

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, remember that it only comes once a year, so remember to pamper yourself.

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