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University of Pittsburgh: The college that has your back

It is the prime time for many seniors in high school  to  apply and choose the college that will take them away from drama and towards the hustle and bustle of the real world. The University of Pittsburgh is a diverse school that acknowledges the difficulty of choosing a career.

The University of Pittsburgh offers a cooperative educational (co-op) program for undeclared students and those who wish to pursue two varying different majors. This program is designed for students who wish for the chance to learn, earn, and graduate with a higher starting salary while maintaining status as a full-time student.

Students receive real-life experience and the help of several instructors willing to personally guide them into being prepared for post-college life.

Senior Karina Thanawala says, “One issue that I and many other students have is choosing a major in college. I feel like a college who has has co-op program gives invaluable experience.”

Students participating in the co-op program usually complete two full years of academic studies prior to their entrance into co-op. After the completion of sophomore year, students alternate classroom instruction with periods of full-time work experience. By utilizing summer terms, participating students typically gain three or four terms of valuable on-the-job training while postponing graduation by only eight months.

The University of Pittsburgh also offers a wide variety of opportunities for incoming students, having a 94 percent job/ internship acceptance rate within six months after graduation.

According to the Class of 2015 post-graduation placement data report (including graduates from Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015), 76 percent of University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) graduates were employed full-time or continuing their education. The other 24 percent were in promising internships with recognizable companies and organizations like Sony and the United Nations.

The university is working to increase the full-time rate of employment through their Internship Prep Program where students with related requirements are guaranteed placement in at least one internship or other experiential learning opportunity. This internship has proved to be successful from their six percent increase in their rate of full-time employment as of the spring of 2016.

Senior Rithika Reddy says, “When I found out I got into Pitt- I was overjoyed. The university offers many majors with many job opportunities for my future.”

From pre-law to molecular biology, Pitt offers a wide variety of programs and majors to pick from. Although Pitt has this variety, many incoming students choose biology and engineering as their major because of the success previous students have found after attending the universities.

Pitt is considered to be a competitive school, as its average GPA score for incoming freshman is a 3.97, and the average composite  SAT and ACT scores are 1340 and 29, respectively. For admission, their minimum requirement for GPA is 3.0 (out of a 4.0 scale). Incoming freshman are allowed to submit an electronic or physical copy of their admission which must include their composite SAT or ACT scores, a personal essay, and their GPA.  Students will need to make a $45 dollar deposit for their admission.

The University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus offers a wide variety of opportunities for incoming students. The University is accepting of all types of people no matter their color, gender, spirituality, etc. Pitt also provides incredible learning environments for its students while helping many indecisive students to create a successful future.

So, what aspect of college is important for you?

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