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Ugg takeover

by HALEY MILLAN Staff Writer

It is almost impossible to go outside and not see a person wearing the infamous UGG boots. What started as shoes for surfers has blossomed into a fashion trend that spread across the world. UGG boots, known as Uggs, have been a popular shoe choice since the 1970s. Australian surfers wore Uggs in between sessions to keep their feet warm. Californian surfers saw the trend and Uggs became popular on the west coast by the 1990s. It was not until celebrities in the 2000s started wearing Uggs that the nation caught onto the style. Uggs became a fashion staple in every girl’s closet. The UGG boots trend has been in full effect ever since. Sophomore Danielle Paxton says, “Uggs stay popular because so many people have them. They’ve gotten so much hype. When they started to gain popularity, you were the coolest if you had them. I know I thought they were ugly when I was younger, I even said I would never get a pair. But once I saw how many girls around me had them, I gave in. Now I own multiple pairs.” Even though Uggs are so popular, it is a common opinion that they are not aesthetically pleasing. “They’re super comfortable; however they are not very attractive on the outside,” says sophomore Alana Cortes. Cortes says she thinks UGG should make some new designs for more consumers. “That way people who pay the expensive amount of money can have a pair of boots that feel and look good,” she says. UGG boots can range from anywhere between $110 and $375 a pair. Not many people are willing to pay in that price range for boots they do not find cute. Sophomore Jillian Cawley says, “Even though I have two pairs, I have to say that they are too expensive. I’m not their biggest fan, but it’s worth the money for the comfort.” It is obvious that Uggs have their downfalls, high prices and unappealing looks, but the quality of the boots is what really makes them such a hit. They are made with sheepskin inside, which make them so warm and cozy inside. Cortes says, “It feels like I’m in slippers whenever I slip them on!” Uggs are also convenient because they are so versatile with different looks. Some people even take advantage of that and wear them all year around. “I think Uggs are appropriate in the winter and fall, but I don’t get why they are worn during the spring and summer. They are meant to keep your feet warm; I think it is such a fashion mistake when girls wear them during hotter days. Especially with skirts and shorts!” says Paxton. Uggs also come in various styles for girls as well. There are different unisex styles, too. “I don’t think the slipper version of Uggs are that bad, but then again I don’t think girls or boys should wear them out in public. Even though I must say I am guilty of wearing mine out. They’re just too warm, I can’t help it,” Paxton ends. Uggs have been in style for a couple of years now, and it has been questioned how long they will stay in style or if their fame is already declining. “I think Uggs are going to be around for a while. Over the years they have become a wardrobe staple for younger girls. The bottom line is that they’re comfortable, and this is one of the exceptions where comfort comes before their looks,” Cortes says. Love or hate them, for the time being, you can expect to see Uggs worn on a majority of the female population.

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