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Trio, a new app with the potential to be big

by THOMAS O’SCANNELL Section Editor

Company Meograph, Inc. released their new mashup app Trio on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, and it is already gaining some notable popularity.

The app is a sort of social media that uses other, more established social media sites. It has a mashup nature in that its creators trying to pose it as a new way for people to be funny, but also creative, by combining pre-existing clips or pictures for the desired comedic or clever effect.

The mashups users can make are quite quantitative and exciting. With the app, users can make mashups involving their friends with famous movie lines/scenes; slide shows of various posts on the social media juggernaut Instagram; sports highlights with the user’s own, customized voiceover commentary; funny bad lip readings of favorite movies, Vines, or other social media sites with videos; express themselves with known GIFs to selected music; or pay homage to their favorite celebrities, shows, movies, etc.

The possibilities are quite endless for the user, and the developers plan to increase the amount of possibilities for which users can use the app.

“This seems like an innovative and unique idea. I can’t wait to get it!” says sophomore Achal Shah.

Thus far, it has actually been getting some stellar critical response; some people are going as far as to say that the app has the potential to be the “next Instagram”.

“This app seems very interesting; the idea of putting together various clips that you find on different social media sites into a single video to be funny or creative sounds pretty cool. I’ll probably try using this new development sometime in the future,” says sophomore Sam D’Urso.

The app is very diverse in terms of which platforms the user can acquire and make their desired mashups for their desired effect. The services that the user can draw from include Instagram, Vine, Giphy, iTunes, movie clips, or a standard Google Image search. However, the app’s creators and those who run it have stressed that they plan on adding more available services for clips and videos for the user to use and, in their words, “become the place for mashups”.

Trio’s creators intend for their users to utilize the app for “culture, social, legal, marketing, and creativity”.

Only time will be able to tell whether the app will reach the heights projected by its creators and critics alike.

Now that you’ve heard about Trio, do you plan on using it? If you’ve downloaded it, what are your thoughts?

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