Travel ban denies reentrance for U.S. residents

An executive order signed by President Donald Trump that prohibited the entrance of refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries was recently lifted after it sparked outrage throughout the nation. Trump’s order, which was meant to protect and bring peace to our land, only divided our country even more.

On January 27, 2017, one of Trump’s many radical promises that he popularized during his campaign was accomplished. He signed an executive order that stopped hundreds of Muslim immigrants and green card holders from entering the U.S. Women, men, and young children were refused entrance to our land once it was discovered that they were from one of the seven Muslim-majority countries that Trump’s order banned.

Freshmen Mia Lin said, “To ban thousands of immigrants and residents from entering our country was ridiculous, honestly. America is made of hardworking immigrants who come to our country for the sole purpose of improving it!”

Before Federal Judge James Robart lifted Trump’s executive order on February 5, 2017, the travel ban affected U.S. residents and immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. They were immediately stopped at airports, and many were not allowed to even board their flights to the U.S.

Trump claimed that his nationwide travel ban was meant to prevent terrorists who planned the 9/11 attack from entering our country, but the radicals who took part in that terror attack were from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Lebanon. These countries are not affected by the travel ban, and Trump has not mentioned any security measures towards them, either.

Trump’s original goal of protecting Americans from radical-Islamic terrorists who want to harm our country was praised by many; however, punishing all Muslim immigrants and especially legal American residents for our country’s “growing terror threats” is unjust.

Trump’s executive order did not only affect fleeing refugees, but also banned green card holders from reentering America as well. Green card holders are permanent residents that are allowed to live in the U.S. legally without committing any crimes. Permanent residents who worked hard to prove to our government that they deserve to stay in the U.S. were stripped of their rights as residents simply because they are also citizens of the countries that Trump finds to be too dangerous.

Trump’s previous claim of preventing terror attacks from radicals entering our country is great, but he obviously did not think how his ban can be considered unconstitutional. He cannot ban green card holders because they are here legally and they did not commit any crimes. Green card holders also had to go through a long process to achieve the status of a resident. To become a resident, immigrants go through a stringent and long background check and vetting process.

This unfair act showed the prejudice involved in Trump’s travel ban. Every U.S. resident is allowed to work and reside in America legally. The government grants all of the rights a U.S. citizen has to a U.S. resident. Trump’s order, which banned Muslim U.S. residents from returning to the country that they call home, is completely wrong because they have the government’s permission to create a life here.

Freshmen Sara Umar said, “I was completely against Trump’s travel ban because it targeted refugees, immigrants, and U.S. residents, too. Residents should not have had their rights taken away just because they have a dual citizenship! They deserve to live in America as long as they live here peacefully!”

There is a stay on Trump’s travel ban while federal courts are fighting over the legality of his order. Controversy still surrounds the ban as people begin to question if Trump overstepped his power.

How would you feel to be told that you no longer belong here due to a travel ban that rejected your rightfully earned American status after many years of establishing a lawful life as a legal U.S. resident?

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