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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on drugs – literally

by EDWARD PINTO Section Editor

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been brewing up a storm lately after admitting to smoking crack, knocking down Councilor Pam McConnell, and being accused of many other outrageous accusations. Not many mayors have destroyed their reputation like Ford, but he swears to be in shape to still run the city of Toronto.

After being videotaped threatening to kill someone and caught smoking crack, citizens of Toronto have called him a disgrace, and six out every ten voters want Ford to resign. No country, city, or town can be run by someone as irresponsible as him, especially by someone that has used illegal drugs for fun.

An interesting report on Ford’s approval rating came out compared to President Barack Obama’s. Obama’s approval rating dropped to 37 percent this month while Ford’s has gone to 42 percent, even after saying that he smoked cocaine. An astonishing and surprising fact to say the least, considering his behavior seems to be compared to one of a wild bull.

“I think its upsetting to the people of Toronto because they clearly deserve better, but its also funny to us on the outside because we don’t have to deal with it,” said sophomore Nabi Akram.

Speaking of being funny, various comedians have been bashing Ford and his recent actions.  Popular ones like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and even Saturday Night Live have all taken jabs at the Toronto mayor.  Be prepared for many more funny skits and hilarious ideas from talk shows and channels like Comedy Central.

Ford still claims he is fit to run the city of Toronto, even though he has admitted to using illegal drugs more than once and blamings his weight on not being able to run the city. In a recent interview with Matt Lauer, he said if he does not drop 30 pounds in five to six months, he will ultimately “eat his words.”

His improper behavior has been costly to his reputation, but it seems to us, on the outside, that he does not really care and probably will not in the future.

“I think it’s weird he’s doing all of this considering he is a man in power and in politics. If any little thing gets to you, it can almost destroy you,” said sophomore Omar Pirzada.

Destroyed it has, and his face will stay on televisions across the US and world for a while. If he does not be careful with what he does, we will definitely see him in a Canadian jail, hoping to pay his bond.

What do you think about the mayor? Should he retire and save himself or do you think he has what it takes to pick up where he left off and lead Toronto on?

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