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Top ten iPhone apps

by ALISON LEVIER Staff Writer

In a world where it seems like everyone has an iPhone, one question still remains unanswered. iPhone users wonder from the moment they turn their device on what the best apps are.

10. To kick off this list is the Facebook app. Designed to help iPhone users post and stay updated, this app enables the user to do anything that is available on the Facebook website, wherever users may be.

9. Next on the list is Scoops. The object of this game is to catch falling ice cream scoops on a cone, trying to collect as many as possible before catching three unwanted items, such as tomatoes and onions that are also falling from the sky. Warning: This game may make you unbelievably hungry.

8. Cut the Rope. This game, equipped with colorful backgrounds and an adorable playing character, is quite addicting. While trying to avoid spiders, spikes, or falling, the player must get the piece of candy in the Om Nom’s mouth by cutting the rope. With 11 different levels to get through, plus a spinoff “experimental” version of the game, this game will keep you occupied for a very long time.

7. Fruit Ninja. The object of this game is to slice as much fruit as possible before either missing three, or accidentally slicing a bomb, thereby creating an explosion and ending your game. Perhaps one of the best features of this game are the items that are available to unlock as the user advances by meeting different objectives. For example, one must play a full game of Zen Mode every day for five days in a row to be able to use the “Bamboo Shoot Blade.” Not only is this game very fun to play, it gets the player obsessed with meeting the different requirements for new backgrounds and blades.

6. Unblock Me is next on the countdown, and also the first puzzle game on the list. One of the most frustrating games to ever be made, this game is strangely addicting and irritating, yet utterly amusing at the same time. The object of Unblock Me is to move brown blocks around until the red block is able to move out of the structure. With 600 puzzles in the Beginner Easy mode alone, this game will keep users busy all day long.

5. Jetpack Joyride, brought to the iPhone by the same people who created Fruit Ninja, is an addicting game with very cute characters and objectives that keep users playing for hours on end.

4. Temple Run is a game that, if asked, most people would plead guilty to sneaking in a game or two during work. “Temple Run is the sole reason I procrastinate,” says freshman Kirsten Pasewaldt. Users must guide their runner through a stone path, wooden bridge, or narrow stone pathway, making the runner jump over fire or slide under trees to avoid falling, tripping, or being eaten by the monkeys that are chasing him all the while.

3. Angry Birds, a game that has sold over 12 million copies since its release in 2009, is widely known across the globe, and even featured in commercials for various different mobile devices, such as the iPad and iPhone. The object of Angry Birds is to launch a bird, using a catapult, at the pigs in the hopes of killing them as revenge for stealing the birds’ eggs. The popularity of Angry Birds has sparked wide recognition, as well as three spinoff games: Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Space.

2. Pandora Radio Station is number two on the countdown. Making listening to users’ favorite music easier than ever, Pandora is an app that every iPhone user should have. Pandora enables iPhone users to create their own personalized radio station, by adding different stations that have songs by their favorite artists, genres, albums, or composers. This free app is perfect for any music lover.

1. And now, for the big moment, the number one iPhone app is (drumroll, please) Instagram. This social networking app lets users share, like, and comment on pictures, as well as follow friends and strangers alike. “I am on Instagram more than any other app ever. I check it, like, three times every hour,” says freshman Anne Ballman. The best way to describe this app is basically Facebook (pictures only) for iPhone users only. It may sound boring, but it is not. This is the most addicting, most fun app in the App Store.

All apps mentioned are available for download in the iPhone App Store.

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