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Top ten funniest YouTube videos ever

by JULIA BACCHETTI Social Media Coordinator

The following is the list of the most memorable, and hilarious, YouTube videos from throughout the years.

10. Sneezing Panda- This furry creature is sure to make you die of laughter. As mama panda watches over her cub, she is caught off guard as her baby abruptly has a sneezing attack. Mama panda jumps, trying to figure out what just happened.

9. David after the dentist- Let’s be real here, those novocaine shots from the dentist are extremly strong. I can’t blame this little kid for feeling a tad loopy. Not to mention being asked a million question from his dad, David can’t help being a little confused. Don’t touch your stiches!

8. Thriller cat- Micheal Jackson would be so proud that his “Thriller” phenomonon is taking over the animal world. This cat has the moves like Jagger. Credit for finding this gem goes to J2’s good friend Ms. Mariano!

7.  Dramatic Chipmunk- This little guy isn’t your average rodent. His stares will make you hysterical.

6. Evil eye- The camera is set on a baby laughing and having fun, until his joking father wants to show his guests a trick he taught his son. Nothing beats this comical toddler and his evil eye.

5. Bed intruder song- Come on, who can forget  Antoine Dodson? He even got his rant on iTunes from this video. At least those proceeds helped him move his family out of the ghetto.

4. Greatest freak out ever- OK, this kid is probably the worst brother ever, but don’t you wish you could post embarssing things to YouTube of your siblings? It’s a classic…don’t forget to watch part II! (Not safe for school!)

3. Double rainbow- One of nature’s finest, the double rainbow video has a total of 32,598,729 views. With such entertaining comentary, how ould you not enjoy. The Gregory Brothers even autotuned this clip, creating a song as awesome as “Bed Intruder”. (NSFS)

2. Honey badger- The  mammal that really just doesn’t care; you can’t mess with him. This hilarious video montage of a honey badger, voiced by Randall, is a must-see. (NSFS)

1. How to trick people into thinking you’re really good-looking – Where all the genius of Jenna Marbles began. This is the video that started it all. The queen of sarcasm herself earns the spot of the number one funniest youtube video. (NSFS)

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