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Top five YouTubers to start watching

YouTube has become a prominent source of entertainment for people, with specific YouTubers gaining popularity because of their content. Here are my top-YouTubers recommendation list.

This list is in no particular order; it includes well-known YouTubers, as well as more discreet ones.

1. Daniel Howell and Phillip Lester are one of the most popular pairs on YouTube, more commonly known as Dan and Phil. They make videos on their joint gaming channel, DanAndPhilGames, as well as their individual channels, amazingphil and daniel howell. Howell and Lester take on the full-time job of creating comedy and story time videos for their channels.

Freshman Ally Ranieri says, “Gaming on YouTube is so much fun to watch because you can see other people play the game for you. It really puts things into perspective, and you can see how someone else would react to certain situations.”

They recently started their world tour, Interactive Introverts, to engage with their audience, allowing their fan base to send in questions and dares for them to do live.

Their personalities are what make them worth watching. Howell has a very cynical, sarcastic sense of humor that includes a lot of irony and self-awareness. Lester is more family-friendly and pure; his videos are filled with hilarious stories about his odd childhood and crazy life. Together, they make a contrasting pair that bounce off of each other very well.

They have published two books — “The Amazing Book is Not on Fire,” a mashup of Lester’s channel name and Howell’s old channel name, danisnotonfire, and “Dan and Phil Go Outside.”

Their gaming channel consists of many different genres of games with the “Sims 4” and “Undertale” series’ being some of their most popular. Around October, Lester and Howell take part in a week they created for their channel called “Spooky Week” where they play horror games for the week leading up to Halloween. They also take part in “Gamingmas,” a YouTube tradition where YouTubers upload one video for every day of December leading up to Christmas.

The commentary on the games is the best part. They each have something completely different to say and, since there are two of them, they can hold conversations full of funny banter and reactions.

2. Seán William McLaughlin, or Jacksepticeye, is one of the best gaming YouTubers. He creates gameplays and series’ based around the many different games he plays.

His passion for voice acting and character role play allow him to breathe life into the characters he plays. McLaughlin has voice-acted in quite a few games, including “Bendy and the Ink Machine” and “Pinstripe.” His channel’s most prevalent message is that he wants everyone to have a “positive mental attitude,” or “PMA.”

He creates content that everyone can watch, with his commentary being hilarious and ironically idiotic. He plays games on his PC and other gaming consoles, as well as recording challenges and occasional vlogs.

3. Another YouTubers who works heavily with video games is Matthew Patrick, better known to the Internet as MatPat of Game Theory and Film Theory. Patrick makes videos about seemingly outlandish theories about video games and films/tv shows. Patrick does a lot of research, for which he deserves respect. He finds evidence to support his theories and makes a new one every week.

Patrick has theorized about a wide range of ideas covering most Marvel movies, Mario games, and the psychology behind video games.

Patrick also runs a live-streaming channel called GTLive alongside his wife, Stephanie, who is currently expecting a child. They stream fan-requested games and challenges, then upload the highlights along with the full stream to their channel. They stop playing their games to have really funny and thought-provoking conversations that they call “theory fodder” while also being stoic and respectful during the more serious games.

4. Dorothy Clark, or dodie, is a musician on YouTube who uploads original songs and covers on her main channel, doddleoddle, and uploads vlogs on her side channel, doddlevloggle.

Her riffs and melodies are so satisfying and soulful. She can play the ukulele and piano, both wonderfully blending with her voice. The collaborations she makes with others sound amazing because they wind their voices together beautifully.

Clark suffers from depersonalization, the persistent feeling of observing oneself from outside of their body or having the sense that their surroundings are not real. It is the second most common disorder in America, yet it is rarely talked about.

I have so much respect for her for shining a light on her mental health and being open about it. She goes into much deeper detail in her book “Secrets For the Mad,” named after an original song she wrote.

5. While on the topic of art, my last two recommendations are Jaiden Animations and TheOdd1sOut (James Rallison), two web comic animators from Arizona. Their videos tell their hilarious thoughts and stories, making it even better through their unique animations. Jaiden makes hysterical and relatable videos about her being socially awkward and not acting like a “proper” adult. Rallison’s videos are more rant-style stories that, accompanied with his simplistic art, really make for a great binge-watching channel.

All of these YouTubers have been to conventions such as VidCon, created by John and Hank Green, and PlaylistLive. The YouTubers on this list are annual attendees, going for meet-and-greets and panels.

Freshman Emma Deroian says, “There is the obvious entertainment factor of YouTube, but it also gives you the chance to interact with people, whether it be the community or the YouTuber themselves. You get a chance to see people like yourself.”

Which one of these YouTubers would you consider watching?

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