Top five best and worst Disney princesses

Disney princess movies are classics that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Since the 1930’s, Disney princess movies have been favored by many. Some princesses from these films have been regarded as role models or inspirations for young girls across the word, although there are some princesses that should not be as looked up to by impressionable young girls as much as others. This is my pick for the top five best and worst Disney princesses.

Let’s start this off with the worst:

1) Aurora (“Sleeping Beauty”) – Gullible and naïve, Aurora tops this list as the worst Disney princess. In the movie, she’s asleep half the time and falls for a complete stranger who she’s met “once upon a dream”. Yeah, right. Aurora is not even that intriguing of a Disney princess.

2) Snow White (“Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”) – Ah Snow White, where do I even begin? Like Aurora, Snow is also very gullible and naïve. Hasn’t she ever heard to not take food from a complete stranger? Also, she lived with seven men and cooked and cleaned their whole house for them – talk about misogynistic views.

3) Cinderella (“Cinderella”) – She’s a hard worker, I’ll give her that. Having those evil step-sisters and step-mother must have been absolute torture for Cinderella. Good for her that she got to go to a ball and travel in style. The reason why she is not higher on the list is because she falls for this prince who can’t even remember her face. He literally takes the glass slipper, which Cinderella clumsily left behind, and strolls around to find which girl fits the slipper and if she does, that’s his love. I don’t know if he knows this or not, but more than one person can fit into the same size shoe…just saying.

4) Ariel (“The Little Mermaid”) – Ariel – this 16-year-old mermaid princess wanted to experience life that wasn’t just under the sea, so she made a deal with an infamous sea witch; yeah you heard me, sea witch. The sea witch, Ursula, told Ariel that she would give her legs to be able to live on the land if, in return, Ariel would give Ursula her voice. Ariel made the unfortunate mistake in agreeing to this deal. She was ready to just abandon her family and life under the sea for a guy who she’s never even had a conversation with. The reason why she isn’t higher on the list is because she does sing really beautiful songs (you know, when she had her voice, of course) and she has wicked awesome red hair.

5) Jasmine (“Aladdin”) – For Jasmine to actually notice a guy, he first has to be of nobility. Plus, for a princess, her life seems pretty boring. Everyday she’s pestered by suitors and tries her best to fend them off – that’s basically it. Why doesn’t she try to help her people that are struggling to make ends meet? It’s clear to see there’s a poverty issue in whatever country she’s from, so instead of complaining about wanting to marry for love, maybe she should have tried to better her country.

Now let’s look at the best Disney princesses:

1) Mulan (“Mulan”) Now I know you might be thinking, “Mulan isn’t technically a princess,” but if you input ‘Disney princesses’ into Google, Mulan is seen in a group photo with actual Disney princess. Mulan is number one because she is just all out awesome. She defended her country against the Huns and saved China. Plus, she didn’t need to be rescued by some prince; she wanted to protect and bring honor her family. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

2) Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”) – Belle is a very intelligent princess who falls for a guy not because of his looks, but because of his personality. She is not fooled by looks and, being a book lover myself, she appreciates the words on the inside and not just the cover.

3) Rapunzel (“Tangled”) – Rapunzel had magic hair that glowed when she sang, which is pretty cool. Her weapon of choice – a frying pan. She’s very kind and has that princess-like charm when she wants to, but she also can defend herself from any danger.

“I love Disney movies,” said freshman Katie Strych. “Throughout the years, they have really changed and gotten even better.”

4) Anna and Elsa (“Frozen”) – Okay, you might not agree with me on this one, but “Frozen” was actually a really good movie (prior to all the unnecessary hype).   I do not really know if Elsa qualifies as a princess or not, but I’m just going to group them in the same category. Anna made the list because she’s so awkward it’s hilarious. Elsa made it because she has awesome ice and snow powers. So if you do not agree, then make like Elsa of Arendelle and let it go, sandwiches.

5) Pocahontas (“Pocahontas”) – Yes, she also qualifies as an official Disney princess. She wanted to protect her tribe against the Europeans who wanted to invade her land. She and the Europeans were able to set aside their differences and come to an agreement.

Freshman Sara Daus said, “I agree with these opinions, they really give true reason versus the popularity factor. Sure, Ariel may be pretty, but she is quite reckless and irresponsible, whereas Belle has enough intelligence to reject Gaston.”

Who is your favorite Disney princess?

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