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Ticketmaster Cancellation

Taylor Swift's "New Eras Tour" is the highest grossing female tour of all time! (Photo credits to Google Images)

Public ticket sales for Swift's Eras Tour have been suspended, according to Ticketmaster, "due to abnormally high demands on ticketing systems and limited available ticket inventory to match that demand." The unexpected postponement follows Ticketmaster's announcement on Thursday that more than two million tickets for her upcoming tour were sold on Tuesday, the most ever for an artist in a single day. It almost brought down its website as a result.

In a blog post published on Thursday, Ticketmaster stated that a "record number of fans" had expressed interest in purchasing tickets for Swift's upcoming Eras Tour. That caused a significant backlog in its service and anger amongst her millions of admirers who were unable to buy tickets.

In essence, Ticketmaster claimed that the high demand was too much for its "Verified Fans" system, which distributes presale passes to people in an effort to stop bots. The "largest registration in history" for the program to purchase Swift tickets was made by about 3.5 million people. Its website had "unprecedented traffic," according to Ticketmaster. This triggered the website to crash due to the enormous demand, a "staggering number of bot attacks," and fans without invite codes.

In their blog article, Ticketmaster said that "never before has a Verified Fan on sale sparked so much attention — or uninvited volume." Incredibly, even the dependability that Ticketmaster stated “distinguished” their Verified Fan platform was affected by this.

Swift's fans were outraged by the scandal and politicians were angry about it as well. In an open letter to Ticketmaster's CEO, Senator Amy Klobuchar slammed the firm and expressed her "severe concerns" regarding how the company operates. With such an obstacle in the way of thousands of fans’ opportunity to see her on tour, many are beginning to lose hope. However, be sure to look out for local radio show contests and continue to assess the resale prices for a chance to see her performance in person. I wish you the best of luck in trying to get your hands on a ticket, or should I say, a ‘golden ticket!’

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