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Things to do in Princeton

Monroe doesn’t have much to do, and during the spring and summer, we always want to go somewhere we can explore. The boardwalk gets boring after a while, and New York can sometimes be too far or exhausting. Princeton, New Jersey is not too far and has endless opportunities on how to spend a beautiful day.

Not only home to an Ivy League University, Princeton also has to-die-for restaurants, theaters, cute shops, yoga, churches, libraries, coffee shops, parks, and an overall breath-taking scenery.

“Princeton is so artsy and cute. I just went there for the first time recently. I have never been to a town that I love so much. Definitely would make it a goal to move there one day. I would never be bored.” said sophomore Milana Sharipova.

  1. Cuisine: Princeton is home to delicious restaurants from mainstream Panera and Q’doba to farm-to-table Agrigola. Dozens of options even include Indian and Middle-Eastern. The ambiance of every restaurant leaves you in the best mood, and the food will always leave your mouth watering.

  2. Shops: Princeton has a wide selection of shops from vintage jewelry to Urban Outfitters. Some shops are even “hippie” where you can stock up on some incense and little Buddhas for your room. If you’re a fan of secondhand shops, there’s a trendy one right on Nassau Street.

  3. Coffee Shops: You can get coffee anywhere in Princeton. Whether you want Starbucks or Small World Coffee that has live music on Saturday nights, you’ll find a place to take a sip and chat with friends. You can also spy some “caffeined-up” college kids trying to study for their next exam.

  4. The University: My absolute favorite part of Princeton is the University campus. The overall atmosphere is inspiring. It makes you wish you had been in AP classes and National Honor Society since freshman year. The architecture of the buildings are Gothic and remind me of medieval castles. Ladies, look out for cute college boys; they’re basically golden for getting into a school with a seven percent acceptance rate.

  5. The Theater: There are two theaters in Princeton; one on Nassau Street and one at the university. If you are someone who enjoys a good play, check out each of the theaters since not many towns have that privilege.

“I honestly love Princeton. It is such an artistic and beautiful town. There’s so much to do and the atmosphere is great. You can meet some really great people. Their food is bomb though. Literally, never disappointed.  I would love to go to that college.” said sophomore Alex Raghunandan.

Downtown Princeton is the place to be during warm weather. You can learn and be inspired by so much just by walking around. If you ever tire of the same old places to hang out during the summer, check out Princeton. You surely won’t be disappointed, and it will become your new favorite hot spot. Get in touch with your artistic side!

What’s your favorite hot spot?

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