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Things To Do During Quarantine

Source: Good Housekeeping A lot of people are bored at home with nothing to do.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, everyone has been self-quarantining in their houses to avoid infection. Although that is a very important measure to be taken, I know many of you are going crazy with boredom. That is why I’m writing this article. Here are a few suggestions of activities to do while you are stuck inside your house.

Make a blog

Start a simple blog about anything you want. It could be about your own interests (like cooking) or current events. It could even be about your opinions on songs, T.V. shows, events, etc. It’s a great outlet to express your creativity. Once you start to post and share with your friends, you’ll be hooked on continuing to make new content. 

Write in a journal

When I was younger, I wrote in my diary ten times a day. Starting a journal to write down what happened that day or things on your mind can definitely pass time. Although it may seem like you being at home is nothing to write about, a journal does not only have to be about your day. It could be about a song you heard and what it made you think of. Writing in a journal is a great way to just record your feelings. 

Watch movies

There are so many movies out there on all these different platforms. If you have Netflix, Disney +, Hulu or anything else, you could sit down and watch a lot of movies that you didn’t have time for before. Rewatch the ones from your childhood, or the ones that you’ve always wanted to see but couldn’t. 

Watch T.V. Shows

Going along with watching movies, you could start a new show on one of the many tv platforms out there. There are always shows you have been thinking of watching which you could finally try now. Just binge-watch all the seasons. 

Netflix Party

If you’re too bored to watch Netflix by yourself, start a Netflix party when you can watch with friends but not actually be there with them. There’s a chat bar on the side so you can talk about the movie you’re both synced up to. 


Lie down, close your eyes, and breath. Meditating is great to de-stress, maybe if you’re scared for a class in online school. Spend at least 15 minutes focusing on yourself to make sure to take good care of your mental health. Yoga is also great exercise. It’s a great way to calm down and keep in shape. 

Paint your nails

There is probably so much nail polish lying around that you can create combinations out of. Go all out and paint your nails with creative designs to make it look pretty. 

Face masks

Wear a face mask, listen to music, and just relax. You can read a book, go on your phone, whatever suits. The face mask will make you feel refreshed.


Not everyone’s an artist, but it’s always fun to paint. You could create a grand scenery of the beach or a small flower. The possibilities are endless and if you have a few different paints and brushes with a canvas, you’re good to go. 

Cook or Bake

Now that there’s not much to do, go to the kitchen. There are so many things you can make with only the ingredients you have. Find an old cookbook or search up recipes. Even if it doesn’t turn out tasting that well, the whole process itself is fun! 

Dress Up

It can get boring wearing the same thing everyday sometimes. Dress up in a cute outfit one day. Go all out: wear jewelry, put some makeup on if you want. Now that you look nice, you can take a lot of pictures in your backyard for example. You can make a fancy family dinner and have everyone attend. 


Dancing is very uplifting. If you have Just Dance, find a song and play the game. If not, you can still play a catchy tune. Create a choreography for a song. 


These seem basic, but it is still fun. If you have a karaoke machine, plug it in and sing into your mike. If not, you can still jam out to your favorites. 

Listen to a new artist

Now that you have all this free time, go to Spotify or Youtube and find an artist you have never heard. Sit down and listen to all their songs. You can write in a journal about the ones you liked and the ones you didn’t. Now you have a whole new set of songs to listen to!

Play a family game

You don’t have to do any of this by yourself. Get your family together and play a game. Play cards (like War) or Pictionary or Monopoly. There are many options. You’ll have a lot of fun laughing with your whole family. All the board games like Life that are in your closet, bring them out!

Read/Watch the News

Keep updated with what’s going on in the world. You can find a lot of interesting topics browsing through articles. You’ll become more informed and you’ll also gain interests in issues that were highlighted. 


You can spend a whole day finding things to DIY. Make a pillow. Make a bracelet. Make a nice addition to your room decor. There’s so many ideas that you can find on the internet. Doing it yourself allows your creativeness to shine.


Just because you’re stuck at home does not mean you have to stop working out. If you have a treadmill, listen to some music and run. You can look up videos of 15 minute routines to do everyday to keep in shape. 

Read a book

There are so many books to read. I have a huge library of my favorite books, but if you don’t own any, you can always search them up on the internet and find PDFs. Read novels like The Selection or The Book Thief. There are so many options of so many genres. Reading can keep you occupied for a long time.

These are only some of the things you can do while in quarantine. I hope these give you ideas to escape your boredom. Have fun and stay safe!

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