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The world welcomes a new TomlinSON

Fresh out of the womb, Freddie Tomlinson is taking the world by storm. One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and stylist Briana Jungwirth welcomed a baby boy on January 21, 2016.

The baby, only a few days old, has caused uproar and social controversy since Jungwirth announced she was pregnant.

Fans had been skeptical of the pregnancy from the beginning, saying it was all a publicity stunt. However, there was no denying the baby bump Jungwirth publicly displayed throughout her pregnancy.

The singer – whose group is currently on hiatus – made his first public comment regarding the child on Twitter, saying, “I’m pleased to say my baby son was born yesterday 🙂 He is healthy and pretty amazing 🙂 I’m very happy.”

Before Freddie was announced, baby names trended on Twitter. Rumors of the pair calling the boy Sydney Rain or Conchobar (prounounced Connor) became jokes of the 1D fandom.

Tomlinson and Jungwirth both took to Twitter late on January 27 to end the Conchobar jokes, both posting pictures of the child whom they called Freddie Reign.

“Meet my little lad, Freddie,” posted Tomlinson to Instagram with a picture of the little one sleeping on his bare chest.

The new mom also took to Instagram to announce the birth of her son, posting a picture of her holding him in the hospital.

“Seeing the pictures of Freddie was really cool because I have been a fan of this band for so long and seeing Louis become a father made me realize how much he has grown over the past five years. Everyone is growing up and maturing and now I feel old,” says sophomore Julianna Farina.

Rumours have been circling about the paternity of the child since Jungwirth announced the pregnancy back in August. Paternity testing has yet to confirm Tomlinson is the father, but he has been present nonetheless.

Despite being very happy about the birth, British publication “The Sun” reports Tomlinson was banned from the delivery room while Jungwirth was in labor. Reports claim Tomlinson got into an argument with Jungwirth’s mother. Things got so heated that the singer eventually got the boot.

In turn, Tomlinson supposedly spent some time sitting in his car, but made it back in time for the birth.

“Briana’s mother Tammi went berserk at him in the hospital,” a source revealed to “The Sun.” “He spent a lot of the time she was in labor [sitting] in his car, because Tammi wouldn’t let him near Briana.”

The source also said, “He’s looked after her very well, but Tammi feels it’s not enough. They are trying to work out a custody deal.”

According to Hollywood Life, Jungwirth wants $641,954 a year in child support or $53,496 a month, despite Jungwirth telling friends she will not use her son as a meal ticket.

As ridiculous as the amount seems, in the state of California one needs to factor in the needs of the child as well as the father’s income to decide on the amount of child support.

“Although it was dumb to get this girl pregnant, everyone makes mistakes. I think the fact that he is going to be there for and raise his child is really great of him,” says sophomore Jules Paskell.

As well as being a regular visitor to the child, Tomlinson has also made sure Jungwirth and the baby boy have a comfortable place to live. TMZ reports Tomlinson is leasing a three bedroom home in Calabasas for the trio.

A friend of Tomlinson told “MailOnline” that the singer is planning to be a hands-on dad and support Jungwirth in any way he can.

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