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The spotlight overheats: Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes

by ALISON LEVIER Section Editor

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are people that almost everyone knows, or has at least heard. Both girls were once talented, sweet young child stars who Hollywood, and everyone else, for that matter, adored.

Looking back to where these now grown young adults were 10 years ago makes the present seem like it was a lifetime ago, when really it was just the early 2000s. Now drug addicted, thieving drunks, these two women have hopped on the wrong train, going full speed ahead.

Teens today probably remember Lohan as “Hallie” and “Annie” in “The Parent Trap”, “Lola” in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”, or “Cady Heron” in “Mean Girls”. Lohan was one of the hot Disney starlets who every young girl wanted to be.

Something went wrong for Lohan, though, because a once very talented girl who seemed to have a bright future ahead of her turned to drugs and alcohol for some strange, unknown reason.

Regardless of her reasoning, Lohan has faced multiple stints in rehab, and her legal record is now cluttered with charges of theft, DUIs, and, most recently, an assault charge. Even seeing pictures of Lohan is frightening, because the 26-year-old looks well into her forties.

Then take Bynes, host of the Nickelodeon variety show “The Amanda Show”, as well as the star of the hilarious movies “She’s the Man”, and “What a Girl Wants”. Bynes has only recently been under the limelight for her insane behavior, having just recently been charged with a DUI, thus suspending her license and sentencing her to two years of probation.

Bynes has bleached her hair, gotten two piercings in her cheeks, and posts half naked pictures of herself on Twitter. Also on Twitter, Bynes can be seen cursing at news websites, scolding them for using “old pictures” rather than the new ones she “posts every day”.

“I hate them! I used to love them, but they both went down the wrong path in life and are just a hot mess,” says junior Gabrielle Tumminia.

It is no secret that these two have gone absolutely bonkers, but it is so troubling to the public that there is no reason behind it. Hollywood stars are always doing things like this; they have a great career, everything is going fine, but then they completely fly off the handle and land themselves in a hotel room, having died from an overdose.

“I love them, but they need to take a break from life. They were once fabulous but they really just need to take a step back and calm down their whole lives,” says sophomore Alex Quigley.

It is so frustrating to see two talented young peoples’ lives being thrown away. It is also extremely angering that they did not take advantage of the great opportunities they had. Any aspiring actress would kill for the jobs they had, being on television, having work to do almost constantly. While most are jealous of the opportunities Bynes and Lohan have had, these two screw-ups have thrown it all away.

It is not like everyone in Hollywood is bad, because a lot of great actors have not ever done stupid things while under the influence. It raises the question, though, as to why some of them just totally lose their marbles.

It could be that they are trying desperately to shake their “America’s Sweetheart” personas, but there are better ways to do that. Take Hilary Duff, for example. She was once a child star and now is happily married with a child. They should take some lessons from their peer.

Bynes and Lohan have ruined their chances at being credible actresses, and they have no one but themselves to blame.

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