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The spoiled youngsters we call siblings


Younger siblings are fun – they look up you, try to impress you, and teach you patience and responsibility. Depending on the age, they usually also test that very patience until it is dead and gone.

“That age,” a varying age usually around nine or 10, is the the time where it all goes downhill. Once your sibling reaches that stage, you fall off your high horse and hit the floor hard. Sometimes it seems they have a list of names of people they get along with and you just cannot find yours.

Around nine or 10, younger siblings no longer care to impress you. Instead, they look to beat you at your own game, and it surprises you at first. After all those years of being the best, you are now suddenly the worst. The surprise and vulnerability you give off is another secret pleasure of theirs.

A very common type of younger sibling is the author of his or her own tattletales. Being the youngest gives them a special, protective shell from parents of which they like to take advantage. When things do not go the way the younger sibling planned, it is truly amazing how the older sibling manages to hurt them from 10 feet away.

Another younger sibling type is the copier. It is really cute when every joke or phrase you have ever said is repeated to their friends as their own, also known as plagiarism. The best part is that they may not have even laughed when you said it, but they found it funny enough to tell all their friends. Whoever said copying is a form of flattery definitely did not have a younger sibling mimicking him.

Along with the copier comes the thief. They absolutely must copy you so badly that they have to take all your things.

“My little sister takes all my clothes and never asks. When I come home from school, my hair stuff and makeup is everywhere because she takes it after I leave the house,” said freshman Carina Chiarella.

Another common younger sibling is the attention-seeker. It is definitely a tragedy and absolutely unbearable for anyone in the world to focus on you for more than a second. The world must revolve around them or there is no world worth living in.

The most common younger sibling is the bratty and annoying one. Everything must go their way or there is no way at all. The slightest noise or movement from them is enough to irk you for an entire day. Younger siblings are such a joy when they purposely go out of their way to push your buttons.

In younger siblings’ defense, older siblings have their bad days, too. They can be all those things and more.

“When my sister was little, and even now, I have to watch what I say and do because I want to be a good role model for her and I know she is probably going to try and follow in my footsteps,” said freshman Kara Dalton.

No matter how much they act the part of a younger sibling, you cannot help but love them unconditionally. They are your “mini you”, and they still look up to you, even if they will never admit it again.

If you have a younger sibling, do you like having one? Why or why not?

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