The Poetry Club and its members

by JASON AQUINO Staff Writer

The Poetry Club, held every Wednesday in room G345, offers students the chance to showcase their talents so that they may become more creative. Mr. Joseph Rooney, the Poetry Club adviser, allows students with different writing abilities to express their thoughts through poetry. The meeting starts with a quick share of poetry pieces between club members. Members who are willing to perform are sent up to the front of the classroom to demonstrate their work. Mr. Rooney’s club members are not just poets, however. Sophomore Vinnie Arrizo said, “Other members of the club have amazing talents such as poets, rappers, singers, musicians and dancers.” He adds, “Mr. Rooney is the teacher who runs Poetry Club, a.k.a the best teacher ever. He invited me to beat box there and to give a beat to any rappers who want to freestyle against one another, even Mr. Rooney raps!” Arrizo continues to beat box for the poetry club for many meetings, setting a rhythm for those who read or rap their pieces. Arrizo said, “The poetry club is definitely worth it. On a scale from one to ten, twenty two. But before I came to Poetry Club I thought it sounded kind of dumb, but then after the first day I couldn’t wait for the next meet. It’s so much fun and every time you come back, the class gets bigger! Some clubs offer some great activities, but Mr. Rooney’s poetry club offers nothing else but the right to you.” After the members read their poetry, the club starts its “Free-style Circle” event, where everyone must take part in “free-styling” any words they think of to the rhythm of a beat, usually supplied by Arrizo. This session takes place for 30 minutes until 3 p.m. Junior Alex Alicea said the Poetry Club “adds diversity to my writing, and it also shows me that everyone has their own story worth listening too.” Club members are always looking for more students who can make the club stronger and larger. Alicea adds, “I see people with a lot of passion and ambition, and I like to see more people with the drive to believe to do better than good.” She says that writing “allows you to find yourself” because a person can help find their favorite occupation by just “writing how you feel”. Mr. Rooney said, “It’s a learning experience for the students and myself because for the students, expression is a mean of self- discovery, and for me it is a way to get to know students on a deeper level.” Mr. Rooney further described the complex system of emotions flowing through each member. He said, “At the Poetry Club, the students get to witness the entire spectrum of emotions as they watch their peers express anger, frustration, happiness, sadness, ambition, and the list goes on.” The Poetry Club is an experience for all students that can be used to share different feelings, personalities, and styles throughout the student body.

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