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‘The Originals’ season finale ends with a bang

by BRIANNA SICILIANO Photo/Video Editor

‘The Originals’, a spin-off show of ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ends season one with tears, surprises, and astonishment.

The characters in ‘The Originals’ vary from humans, werewolves and witches to hybrids (part werewolf, part vampire) and original vampires. Original vampires were the first vampires ever created.

‘The Originals’ follows the lives of Niklaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gilles), and Rebekah (Claire Holt) Mikaelson, three of the five original vampires, along with their friends and enemies in the town of New Orleans.

Out of the three originals this show follows, Niklaus is the only one who is half-vampire and half-werewolf. He is the most powerful man on the show, besides his father Michael, who returns from the dead during the season finale in hopes of killing his son.

Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), a werewolf, has been pregnant with Klaus’ child throughout this first season. Her and Klaus are not together, however, because she is in love with Elijah, Klaus’ brother.

Throughout this season of ‘The Originals’, the witches have been after Hayley and Klaus’ unborn child. When the baby makes her arrival in the world, what do you think the witches plan on doing? Killing the child!

To open up the season finale, the directors brilliantly had Hayley give birth to her baby girl in the local cathedral while three witches held her hostage. As Klaus, the father of the child, enters the church in rage, the witches use their powers to pin him to the wall. Once Hayley gives birth to the baby, the witches slit Hayley’s throat and run away with the newborn child.

“‘The Originals’ never fails to bring anticipation to its audience. There are tons of plot twists that keep watchers on the edges of their seats,” said junior Richa Patel.

By the time Elijah comes to the rescue to protect Hayley and the child, it is too late. Hayley is dead and the baby has been kidnapped. But is it that simple? Of course not!

Elijah and Klaus rush to the local cemetery, where the witches are the most powerful, and discover that they are in a trap. The witches have created a convincing allusion, making it nearly impossible for the vampires to find the newborn. When Klaus and Elijah begin to make progress on finding the three witches and the baby, a miracle happens: Hayley storms in right behind them.

Because Klaus is half-vampire and half-werewolf, and Hayley carried the hybrid in her womb, Hayley died with vampire blood in her body. She has been brought back to life as a transitioning hybrid, and in order to survive, she needs to drink the blood of her new daughter.

Right away, she takes the role of a protective mother, stating that she did not care if she lived or not. All she wanted was for her child to survive.

Klaus, Elijah and Hayley find where the witches are holding a ritual. The witches’ ancestors, who are basically dead witches, want the Mikaelson baby dead more than anything in the world. T

he witches and the ancestors put up a fight with Klaus, Elijah and Hayley, and in the end, the witches lose.

Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), a main character of ‘The Originals’ who Klaus saved nearly a century ago, flees from the cemetery to the Mikaelson home with the newborn in his hands.

Klaus and Marcel, who were at war in the previous episodes, make up with each other and walk away with valuable rewards: Marcel has been healed from his werewolf bite (werewolf bites kill vampires and the only cure is to drink Klaus’ blood) and Klaus’ daughter is safe in her father’s arms.

“Klaus is usually portrayed as a heartless, violent man. To see a different side of him was amazing,” said junior Giulietta Flaherty.

Elijah and Klaus discover from the third witch, who lives for a short while, that the witches will do anything and everything to hunt down and kill the Mikaelson baby. In order to protect the child, the family devises a secret plan: the baby will be sent away and a fake death for the child will be plotted.

The family finds a stillborn baby from a local Louisiana hospital and claims that the baby is Hayley and Klaus’. They claim that the child was killed after the war between vampires, werewolves and witches. Less than a handful of people know about the baby’s true survival.

Within the last five minutes of the season finale, the newborn is handed to her new caregiver who happens to be Rebekah (Klaus and Elijah’s sister). Rebekah asks her brother what the child’s name is, and as tears stream down his cheeks, he says, “Hope.” This is the last time that Klaus will be able to see his baby girl for a long, long time, until her safety can be assured.

But does the season end there? Nope! Esther, a powerful witch and one of Elijah’s ex-lovers, rises from the dead in someone else’s body, along with her son, and the two walk off into the darkness.

Do they know of the baby’s survival? Have they come back to hunt down baby Hope? What will happen next season?

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