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The notorious fat shamer, Roosh V

One of the biggest jerks of all time, the infamous Roosh V, appeared on “Doctor Oz” on April 28, 2015.

Roosh V, whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh, is known for his anti-feminism, misogynistic, and fat-shaming ideas. He considers himself a rape legalization advocate (YES, I am serious) and he has his own Youtube channel and website where he posts repulsive articles that people actually read.

Some of those articles include “How to repel a slut” and “Women are experts at wasting men’s time”. I can already tell you love this man.

I happened to be watching “Doctor Oz” the other day – not willingly; my mom threatened to get rid of the internet if I left the room – and I watched the whole interview from start to finish.

I had to pause and take deep breaths because I was just about ready to punch the man through the TV screen.

Doctor Oz mainly focused on Roosh’s statements about “fat women”. Doctor Oz read some of Roosh’s own quotes to him and the audience, one of them being that “men would rather die than have sex with a woman over 150 pounds.”

Roosh basically has a “fat shaming” campaign where he encourages people to insult overweight women, including posting pictures of these women without their consent on Twitter with the hashtag #fatshamingweek. He believes fat shaming will encourage women to lose weight.

Roosh’s response to his own quote was that “fat acceptance shortens everyone’s life span.” Ninety-nine percent of the audience members, including Doctor Oz, were rolling their eyes.

There are so many reasons a woman could be overweight, aside from unhealthy eating habits. A woman may have just had a child, so naturally her body would not return to its normal shape. Some women could be on medications or have diseases that triggers weight gain.

Freshman Gabby Toscano says, “To publicly humiliate someone because of their body shape is disgusting, and I do not understand how this man has any followers in the first place.”

Roosh also stated, to an audience of mostly women, that the way you look on the outside is a direct representation of who you are on the inside. Fat women clearly have no self control, so this speaks millions about their personality.

“That is the first time I have heard someone say that. This Roosh guy clearly has some thinking to do,” says Freshman Kirtana Madiraju.

Toward the end of the interview, Doctor Oz invited a few women to give Roosh a little bit of their insight on this topic. These women were clearly disgusted and frustrated, but they kept their cool and spoke to him calmly, looking him in the eyes.

One of the women stated, “I am going to speak to you like you are human, even though you do not see me that way.”

After the four women spoke, Roosh had the chance to respond. Clearly, he had nothing to say to defend himself, so he kept restating his same point in a few different ways.

Roosh posted an article about his interview on “Doctor Oz”. He wrote that Doctor Oz had “found the fattest women in the New York area…to insult me as they wish”.

In his video, he claimed he could not even discuss his ideas on the show, and he felt it was one against 100.

Clearly, nothing went through his narrow mind, and he will probably still make useless articles that continue to influence the way people think.

Before you read any of his articles or watch his videos, I suggest you grab a stress ball so you don’t break the screen.

Do you think fat-shaming is effective?

  1. YES! It is the best option.

  2. NO, it is pretty ineffective.

  3. I don't know, it depends on how you do it.

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