The next generation of CP3

by TIMMY JOSEPH Staff Writer

The recent release of the Jordan CP3.VII on October 5, 2014 has sparked a frenzy in the basketball sneaker community as players are eager to get their hands on a pair of these elite kicks. However, some are skeptical on how good this shoe really is.

The six main components of a good basketball shoe are traction, cushion, material, fit, ventilation, and support. These components decide how good the shoe is overall.

As far as traction goes, the CP3.VII is at the top of the list. The rubber sole pattern adds for a great grip on the court, which prevents a lot of slipping and sliding for more sharp movements. The traction of this new shoe is only opposed by its older model, the CP3.VI AE.

Freshman Louis Paoluccio said, “I was looking for new basketball shoes and I came across these. The grip was crazy!”

The addition of the podulite and zoom foam pads allow for extra lightweight cushion that felt like pillows on my feet. These responsive pads are excellent for providing extra cushioning when changing directions on the court.

The material in the CP3.VII varies, depending on color way, but the model that I bought included synthetic rubber and a leather upper material. This material added more support, but still stayed very agile.

The fit of these shoes are spot on. They are true to size and fit perfectly on my feet. They lock on and add extra durability.

Freshman Akash Patel said, “I had the CP3.VI before, but now that I got these, I’m not wearing those again! I don’t know how they made these shoes so comfy and lightweight!”

Ventilation may be the only slight flaw in the shoes compared to other brands as it does not offer as much breathability for your feet as competitors do. However, for the type of the material of the shoes and the feather-type weight, the ventilation is acceptable. The perforated sides allow for your feet to breathe easily and keep them cool.

The support goes above and beyond any other basketball shoes I have ever had. The addition of the TPU shank, which is a piece located at the base of the shoe, provides excellent support and stability in all areas of the feet, especially the ankle. Once broken in, the shoe provides excellent support and stability for the player.

Although these shoes are primarily for guards, as they are the signature shoe of Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul, forwards and centers can also use them as they are very stable and sturdy.

The design of the shoe is intricate and detailed, compared to others. Depending on the model, there are four different base materials, which include camo, chrome, solid, and argyle.

In the model that I have, the base is a camo design. Also, on the tongue of the shoe, Paul’s logo is displayed along with the heartbeat signal of his youngest child.

Overall, the Jordan CP3.VII are an excellent basketball shoe. They are light, only weighing 10.3 oz., and very supportive and stable. Also, they are at reasonable price of $100, as compared to shoes such as the LeBron XI, which costs $220. On my feet, they felt like very light pillows that I could glide in and make very sharp cuts and moves on the court.

What do you think of the CP3.VII?

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