The Biebs is in trouble… Again


Pop singer Justin Bieber is being investigated after an accusation of attempted robbery in Los Angeles on May 14, 2014.

Bieber and his friends were hanging out at the golf course and batting cages in Sherman Oaks Castle Park. While there, he and his crew apparently got into an altercation with other people around them.

According to the robbery victim, Bieber approached her after he watched her take pictures of the dispute. He then demanded her to hand over the phone to him and delete any pictures she took of him.

After she refused, he supposedly reached into her purse and took the phone, but was unable to do anything since the phone was locked. The woman apparently did show him that there were no photos of him on the device.

Freshman Kim Kramer said, “He has to be stopped and he should not get special treatment just because he is a celebrity. People look up to him.”

The victim was with her 13-year-old daughter during this incident. According to the gossip website TMZ, Bieber began yelling at the mother and crying child, claiming she was “humiliating” her daughter and to “get out of here.”

However, an eyewitness, an employee at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park, shared a different story with TMZ.

She claimed that the woman was taking pictures of the Biebs aggressively and “in his face”. She said that he never reached into her purse and the daughter was already crying before he was near them.

A source close to the singer also had a similar story.

The source said to CNN that “Justin was just enjoying hanging out with friends…This wasn’t a big deal…the woman didn’t stand out…there were plenty of people taking pictures, some more aggressive than others…This is another example of someone making an issue where there isn’t one.”

The Los Angeles Police Department is still investigating and is interviewing many witnesses. Bieber has not been questioned because the case is too preliminary, according to an LAPD officer.

This obviously is not the teen heart-throb’s first run-in with the law. In January, he was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami. In that same month, his private airplane was searched after officers smelled a marijuana odor in the plane.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bieber is in trouble in two different countries, including an alleged felony vandalism in SoCal; an alleged assault on a limo driver in Toronto; and the suspicion of a DUI, driving without a license, and resisting arrest in Miami.

Freshman Amelia Chusano said, “I think it’s pretty disgraceful that he continues to commit these crimes. His fans still support him and they say that he’s just trying to figure out who he is.”

Although many people are fed up with his actions, his fans continue to stick by his side.

Freshman Courtnee Hayes said, “He has been through a lot and he is constantly being judged. He has grown up so quickly and I am so proud of him no matter what.”

What do you think should happen to Bieber?

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