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The Beats takeover

by JOE BABAR Staff Writer

Beats headphones by Dr. Dre have become a music sensation. They have taken the world of music by storm, selling over 1 million sets worldwide over the past year. “I love my Beats. I take them everywhere I go, and the sound quality on them is amazing,” said an anonymous source. The bass is stellar in the headphones and really gives you a feel for the music. “My beats are great, a lot better than the regular headphone. The bass on them is crazy,” said an anonymous source. Beats are also stylish, coming in any color you want. You can even customize your own Beats online. Not only are Beats stylish and the sound amazing, they also are comfortable and very easy to carry around. They have padding all over the headphone, keeping you from having an unpleasant, uncomfortable experience while listening. Also, Beats can fold up and  be placed in the convenient padded casing, making them easy to carry around. “Yeah my beats never hurt. They have just enough protection on the inside,” said an anonymous source You can buy beats as inners or overs. Inners are small earbuds that go in your ear, and overs are larger over-the-head headset. Beats also have different types of headphones, usually the bigger size ones having the better the sound quality.  It is almost like being in the studio with the artist.   Also, there are many types of Beats, including Solos, Studios, and Pros. Solos are the smallest over-the-head beats. They have the least padding because they have the smallest speakers, but still have great sound quality. They also are the cheapest over-the-head Beats for only $170. Studios are bigger than the Solos and have a higher quality sound system, but are much more money than the Solos, going for around $300. They also have more padding due to the larger size of the speakers. Pros are the most expensive and best sound quality Beats you can get, costing approximately $400. There are no Beats better than Pros, but they are usually bought by Professional producers. With Beats, you will not miss a beat.

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