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The Aftermath of the 2020 Election

Source: KIFI

Officially declared on November 7, 2020, Joe Biden won the Election of 2020 with 306 electoral votes, surpassing the 270 threshold needed. Donald Trump gained 232. Biden’s popular vote is 79,853,547, about 6 million more than Trump’s, and they are still counting.

Despite the numbers, President Trump insists that voter fraud has taken place, which is a false statement, and refuses to acknowledge President-elect Biden as the winner of the election. Trump tweets, “[Biden] only won in the eyes of the fake news media, I concede nothing.”

In the argument of fraudulent votes, some Trump supporters even protest that votes were casted using the names of dead people in Michigan.

Trump launched multiple lawsuits in battleground states such as Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada. These lawsuits have been largely unsuccessful due to the lack of evidence as well as election officials continuously disputing claims of fraud.

Georgia was asked to recount their votes, resulting in the affirmation that Biden won the state.

On Saturday, November 21, 2020, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit that would have invalidated millions of votes from Pennsylvania, ultimately denting the Trump Administration’s efforts to overturn Biden’s victory. Judge Matthew Brann asserted that Biden won the state with a margin of over 81,000 votes.

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani tried to use the Equal Protection right to claim that because each county in Pennsylvania could individually decide whether absentee ballots with technical problems could be fixed, the election results were flawed by the discrepancy and should be blocked. Republican Judge Brann wrote as a response, “The answer to invalidated ballots is not to invalidate millions more.”

After the dismissal of the lawsuit, Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania congratulated Joe Biden and his Vice-President elect Kamala Harris, admitting Brann is an “unbiased jurist”.

As days pass, an increasing number of Republicans are accepting Joe Biden as the President-elect of the 2020 Election. After a press conference about possible election fraud held by lawyers of the Trump Administration, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reflects the growing sentiments: “I have been a supporter of the president’s. I voted for him twice. But elections have consequences, and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn’t happen.”

President Trump’s refusal to concede is causing a stall in the “Lame Duck Period” regarding the government handover. Joe Biden is still denied access to the White House’s classified security briefings, federal agencies, and funding. People worry that the plan for the coronavirus pandemic will not be effectively carried out if a smooth transition of power does not occur.

Although most of the world leaders, barring Russian Vladimir Putin, have recognized Biden’s victory, America’s future ultimately rests on the Trump Administration allowing democracy to prevail and this transfer of power to happen.


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