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Texas shooting and gun control

by EMILY BEZERRA Social Media Coordinator

Three people were shot on the campus of Lone Star College in Houston, Texas this past Tuesday, January 22.

Two students, whose names are unavailable, got into an altercation on the campus, which led to a gun being pulled out. Police detained the first student and, after a brief manhunt, they found the second one. The two suspects are in custody.

Jody Neil, 24, is one of the people who was shot. The other two victims remain unnamed for personal reasons. All three are hospitalized and no charges have been pressed yet.

Mark Harris, spokesman for the Harris County Emergency corps, says that two victims had gunshot wounds and one suffered from a heart attack related to the shooting.

The school issued an alert on their website, telling students and faculty to take immediate shelter and avoid the campus. They tweeted that the shooting was between two people and the situation was under control.

“Technology is a huge aid to people in these situations because it informs everyone what is going on. It’s really helpful,” says sophomore Jackie Hur.

The shooting is stirring up much controversy over the topic of gun control. Some people think this incident should result in stricter gun control laws. However, those who oppose stricter gun control laws argue that further gun restrictions will go against the Second Amendment of the Constitution, which protects the rights of citizens to bear arms.

In Texas, several schools have allowed the school faculty to bear arms on campus for protection.

“Personally I don’t think you should fight violence with violence. There are other ways to protect the students aside from armed security guards,” says sophomore Brina Haugland.

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