Terror lurks near Monroe

by PAUL AVERHART Staff Writer

   Halloween is just around the corner and many attractions for the season are open all around, but the most popular in the Monroe area is Field of Terror. Open from September 28 to November 2, and located on Windsor Perrineville Road in East Windsor, the field attracts many people with reasonable prices ranging from 15 to 38 dollars for all four attractions.

   The haunted attraction is an annual event that is truly terrifying. From the moment you walk through the entrance to the time you run out in fear, the Field of Terror keeps participants watching their surroundings the whole time.

   Freshman Kerry Alvarez says, “I’ve never been so scared in my life”.

   The two most popular attractions this year are the corn maze and the Unknown Barn, which are two attractions where a group of people are split up. Along the way, participants must crawl through holes, under boats, and through school busses.

   If you are looking for a fright this Halloween, make sure to check out the Field of Terror, but beware of the axe man and his chainsaw men. Be sure to not get lost in the field or you will never find your way out.

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