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Teens make ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ go viral

As if the Kylie Jenner lip challenge going viral was not stupid enough, now children are trying to summon the spirit of a Mexican demon named Charlie.

The Charlie Charlie challenge, as everyone is calling it, is supposedly a traditional Mexican game based off of the Ouija board. Those brave enough (or gullible enough) to play take a piece of paper, draw a cross and write ‘yes’ in two opposite corners and ‘no’ in the other two. They then take two pencils and place them on the drawn cross, balancing one on top.

To summon him, participants must first say, “Charlie, Charlie are you there? Charlie Charlie can we play?” and wait patiently for his response. If he does respond, you can then ask him a variety of questions, including ones about the future.

Charlie is apparently a stickler for niceness, and you must ask him if you may leave when you are done, unless you want to leave the portal open for other “not so friendly” demons. Many accounts have reported that after getting scared and not saying goodbye, they encountered strange activities in their house, including faint screams in the middle of the night, banging on closet doors, and black figures in the dark.

“After playing it in my room alone, which was a bad idea, I was getting out of the shower and I swear I saw something behind me in the mirror. It ended up being a towel, but I was still paranoid the rest of the night.” says junior Annie Chipchase.

One of the many back stories of the game is that an innocent Mexican boy named Charlie was brutally murdered long ago in Mexico, but comes to people when summoned as a Casper-the-friendly-ghost type of situation.  

The other stories are not as comforting, including stories about the young boy being a psychopath and using the game to transport his soul into other people. The stories has proven to be fake, however, considering there is no actual explanation anywhere on the internet, and all traces of Charlie date back to only 2008.

Following the craze came many videos on YouTube and Vine of people playing the game. Although it is extremely fake, watching people get pranked using the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ is truly a blessing. It will leave you in tears watching people scream because someone is blowing air at a pencil.

“You have no idea how funny it was when all my brother was doing was saying how fake [the game] was and once I secretly made the pencil move, how fast he ran out of my room,” says junior Frannie Feretich.

The trend started on May 26, mainly as a joke between fandoms, which later brought more interest into the game and its fictional back story. If you’re brave enough, try it out, but there’s no telling what will follow you out after you’re done.

Have you tried the Charlie Charlie Challenge? Share your experience with us!

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