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Popstar Taylor Swift dropped her fifth album “1989” on Monday September, 27, and it is very far from a disappointment.

The album consists of 13 songs, including her popular single “Shake It Off”. The album cover is a polaroid picture of her from her nose down to her waist with a hand-written caption that said “T.S….1989.”

The 24-year-old’s new album is very different from all of her others. After to listening to all 13 songs, it just reminded me of how much I love Swift as not only a singer, but a song-writer. All songs on this album were written by her.

With this new album, Swift has totally changed from country singer to pop star.

“I of course liked her when she was country, but her new style is my favorite. I have had this album on replay ever since it was released… I cannot stop listening to it,” sophmore Alyssa Schnorrbusch said.

Many of her songs on this album deal with love and relationships, similar to her others.

“We are all getting our hearts broken, being built up, being let down, feeling disappointed, feeling joy, feeling all these emotions, but what I’ve noticed is that even when it’s the same kind of emotion that I’m feeling, I process it and feel it differently now than I used to. And I think that’s a factor of growing up, but I’m pretty proud of the way it’s gone,” the singer said in an interview.

Swift and her fans expressed their excitement all over twitter leading up to the release of the album, creating hashtags like #TS1989.

Sophomore and huge Swift fanatic Emma Trask also tweeted up to the release. Trask said, “I think the album is well-written and different from anything she has ever done before. I think it is great that she is doing new things with her music. I love it… My favorite song on the album is ‘Bad Blood’ because it is really catchy and sassy.”

A song that got my attention was “Clean”, the last track on her album.

When asked what was her inspiration for this song, Swift said, “The song ‘Clean’ is one that I wrote about sort of coming out of a relationship, or trying to move on from some struggle that you had in your life, and feeling kind of tarnished by it. And it kind of talks about how if you really allow yourself to feel pain, I think maybe it’s easier to get past it.”

Another one of my favorites off the album is “Wildest Dreams”. It has a Lana Del Ray kind of feel, but Swift adds her own spin to it. The lyrics are stuck in my head, but I am not complaining.

Throughout her career, Swift has dropped five different albums and sold millions and millions of copies of each. All had a lot of good hits, but none of her albums compare to “1989”.

I highly recommend you give Swift’s new album a listen (even if you do not enjoy watching her dance at music awards).

What is your favorite song on Swifts new album “1989”?

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