Switzerland: Heaven on Earth

Switzerland, a mountainous central European country is home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps, and is renowned for its natural beauty that awes every person who has laid their eyes on the land.

Most tourists arrive at Zurich as their first destination because it is the most popular city in Switzerland. However, one is not able to see the natural beauties of Switzerland since it is a modernized city. This is why most people travel to the deeper parts of Switzerland, where the breath-taking Alps are always in view.

The first view of the Alps can be seen from Mount Pilatus, which is located in Lake Lucerne and is an hour drive from Zurich. Mount Pilatus, the highest mountain in Lucerne, offers a clear view of the Alps, which are enveloped by the surrounding mint-green lake.

There are no roads built to drive up to the mountain for cars, but there is a vibrant red cable car that takes one up the mountain. There is also a cogwheel train to take in the scenery down the steep mountain. The cogwheel train seems frightening at first because glass windows make up the whole train, and it feels like one may fall off at any point.

Freshmen Eesha Patel said, “When we got to the top of Mount Pilatus, I could not believe how it was possible to make a place to eat, drink, relax and enjoy the view of the lake on the top of a mountain where it is extremely hard to reach. I used a cable car for half of the journey to the summit, but hiked the rest of it. The cogwheel train startled me because it felt like there was no support.”

After reaching the base, there are local boat tours that give a glimpse of the view, and can be a serene way to end the day.

After touring Lake Lucerne and viewing all of the natural beauty it has to offer, the next stop in Switzerland is Interlaken, surrounded by lakes such as Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

The antique town of Interlaken is filled with busy shoppers buying a variety of flowers, produce, and the famous cheese for which Switzerland is known. The shops that envelop the town also sell small trinkets for tourists.

Bikes are also available for rent for the trails throughout the whole town. There are not many cars in the area because the market rush spills out in the streets, and the cobblestone roads are too narrow for cars to travel. Most people in Interlaken travel by bike or walk.

After exploring the base of Interlaken is the mountain Harder Kulm. The hike up the mountain takes around five hours. Water is necessary for this trip, as it is a comparably strenuous hike, but the view is breathtaking. Along the hike, one will encounter cows roaming the vast lands of perfect green grass and tiny barns alongside the grasses.

Interlaken is a smaller town and is not well-known by many tourists. This is why many people drive to Gstaad, a larger nearby town. Many movies such as “Star Wars: Episode III” and “Sherlock Holmes” were filmed in Gstaad.

Junior Aneri Patel said, “Gstaad is where many celebrities come visit. I was hoping to catch a quick glimpse of them. Alongside the hotels, designer shops are scattered all over Gstaad.”

Overall, Switzerland has overwhelming natural beauty that leaves the viewer in awe. Switzerland is a serene getaway from the everyday noise and pollution; it is a place that will never be forgotten.

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