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Summer 2014 fashion tips and DIYs

While the clock ticks quickly to the season of flip flops, volleyball and sunscreen, talking about the 2014 summer trends seems most appropriate.

Yes, it is finally that time of year when wardrobes need to be assessed on how well it matches your summer essentials or whether you are in desperate need of a trip to the mall. I completely understand your struggles of trying to lower your budget while still managing to own the proper outfits.

Luckily, I have got your back by making sure you get the summer you deserve this year with the help of a quick, simple and awesome summer style guide.

In all honesty, every year’s summer fashion includes plenty of repeat trends that you may already own. Whether they are those 10 pairs of denim shorts or that same top you bought five times, each just in a different color inactively sitting in your closet, you might be feeling frustrated, desperate, and a bit boring.

However, do not just leave them jobless. Every piece of clothing can become your best friend by simply adding some simple new twists and designs. You can decide what works for your taste and look.

For inspiration, you might want to try adding some studs and lace onto the back pockets of shorts to give it accent and color. You might also want to alter a plain shirt by using iron-on letters and designs.

These easy ideas can be completed with the help of home supplies or any nearby craft store.

Homemade fashion is the most effective way for owning a personal-styled collection and having them last for a long time. Plus, with the advantage of not having to gasp at your receipt during pay time, there are so many personalization options you can choose from such as bows, buttons, ribbons, tie dye, paint, and countless others. It is such a saver.

“It’s a fun and creative idea that finds new ways of doing something, while saving money from household objects,” says freshman Christina Yang.

Speaking of these do-it-yourselfs (DIYs), another way of renovating your clothes is by using old shirts and cutting them into a certain style. These types of projects are so easy, requiring only a simple t-shirt and a pair of sharp scissors.

Because of summer’s great heat, you may want to cut off the collar, the sleeves, or the bottom to make it a bit more wearable. Alternative styles that can be achieved by cutting shirts include halter tops, crop tops, off the shoulder tops, and a tank top with a customized open back.

Since t-shirts are loose and stretchable, the end products are easy to put on and can even be adjusted.

“I love DIYs. They’re also so creative and make you think in creative and imaginative ways. It shows that you don’t have to go out and buy something. Instead, you can just make it yourself,” says freshman Amanda Caroll.

Setting aside projects, are there any tips when preparing outfits? The answer is absolutely.

When trying to coordinate outfits in the summer, it is in your best interest to keep them simple and appropriate. You do not want to be wearing heavy statement jewelry and a tight shirt on a 90 degree day. Or worse, wearing your favorite dress to a pool party and getting it soaked up with dirty water.

Keep track of events, especially the weather, to coordinate outfits along with the day’s activities. It will not only make your life easier, but your clothing too.

Another tip is to lighten up your color scale. Summer is known for its sunlight, so brighter colors are always your best bet.

As the sun reflects on these shades, it creates the illusion of fairer and brighter skin.

Not only that, the sun’s rays are attracted to darker colors, so if you decide to wear a black top, you are most likely going to sweat more than someone wearing something white.

Now, do not simply wear purple, yellow, or pink everyday. Once again, keep track of the weather to organize your daily outfits.

Though this summer is definitely going to be a hot and memorable one, hopefully these tips will be a start toward your outfits becoming summer ready. Give these simple and fun DIYs a go and see how easy they are.

What’s your signature style of the summer?

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