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Stop procrastinating – finish those summer assignments!

Students in high school, middle school and elementary school cannot wait until the school year ends so that they can escape the early morning and nagging teachers, but most of all, they want to get away from the work. Well, you are not getting away from school just yet because you have those long math packets and reading assignments – and I am going to help you get that work done while still having fun during the summer.

1) Do a little bit each day: Start at the end of the school year so that the information is still fresh in your brain and do not start panicking about not knowing the information. For your Language Arts assignments, read a little each day. I am not saying one page each day, but at least three or five chapters a day so that you can answer each question of your packet/paper/project in groups instead of all of them at once.

2) Save all of your notes!: Believe it or not, the notes that you receive throughout the school year will help you tremendously on your summer assignments. The math notes will have formulas that you will need for the packet, and the Language Arts notes will remind you how to write, but most importantly, it will help you with the upcoming school year and the years after that. Over the summer, you forget certain things in all of your subjects, so keeping your notes is essential and beneficial for your future, as well as your summer work.

3) Work on it every time you have a free moment: Okay, I know that you want to immerse yourself with other fun activities, but every time you that you have free, whether it would be waiting for your friends to get ready or even singing in your bedroom, is the time to work on your packets and projects! It is actually kind of important to recognize your free time and how to utilize it because it could get rid of your procrastination. It will not hurt to finish three problems from your math packet while waiting to go somewhere.

4) Make a schedule: It might seem cheesy, but it does help you a lot. Get a calendar and mark it up with the pages or problems you will do that day and do it! Just as simple as that. If you have something to do that day, then assign less work, and on the days where you have lots of free time (which should be almost every day), assign a little more. This technique will help you become organized and help you with planning out these things in the future as well.

5) Ask for help: Stuck? Guess what, you have the whole grade doing the same assignment, so you are in luck. Hit up your friends and ask them for help with whatever you are stuck on. The worse thing they can do is tell you that they can’t help you, and if they do not get back to you, I am pretty sure that those people are not your friends. Maybe you can convince your parents to get you a private tutor to help you out with your work, or maybe convince them to allow you to use online lessons on YouTube or other educational websites.

Do not be afraid to ask for help, though. Others can help you clear up your confusion and help you move on; or you can always skip it and come back later.

“My friends help me all the time and it’s honestly great. I get so much done and I end up not worrying about it towards the end. The rest of the summer is all mine!” says freshman Giancarlo Monaco.

Overall, use your time wisely and do not wait to cram until the last week! That’s probably the worst thing you can do. If you want to get more summer sun and not worry about your summer assignments, then follow these steps and I am sure that you will have a calm, relaxing and happy summer.

Get rid of that procrastination and get your work done earlier so you do not have to worry about it!

“I learned to not wait until the last week until school starts because cramming ended up with late night sessions and constant anxiety – and I promised not to do that to myself again,” says freshman Jennifer Senkus.

Did these steps work for you? What else would you add on to this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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