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Stay healthy this spring

by NAOMI DOSHI Staff Writer

After numerous snow storms and cold weather, spring will be welcomed by Monroe Township, but it will also bring along colds and illnesses. In order to enjoy spring, it is vital to protect yourself against the flu and the common cold using these methods.

One surprising way to stop a common cold is to exercise. Many people think that exercise results in exhaustion, but this is not the case. Exercise aids and relieves the body, mind, and the immune system so that it is stronger when fighting off infections. Running or jogging for 20 minutes, doing aerobic exercises, or lifting weights are good ways to strengthen the immune system and increase energy levels.

Energy can also be maintained by lowering stress levels. Stress levels are often high during spring because of impending exams and more coursework, but letting your stress get the best of you can compromise your immune system’s ability to resist pathogens. Therefore, it is important to relax from time to time by going out with friends, reading, or taking part in leisurely activities.

Another way to rest your body is to make sure you get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. It rejuvenates your body because sleep deprivation can hurt your immune response.

Keeping your body cleansed and pure is also essential. It is important to keep your liver and gall bladder healthy, and regularly cleanse your body with cleansing juices or detox diets.

In addition, it is beneficial to stay away from caffeine, fried oils, and excessive sugar. Organic and virgin oil is okay, but it is best to resist McDonalds or any other fast food restaurant.

Apart from removing damaging foods from your diet, it is helpful to add in fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Spring is rich with delicious fruits and vegetables, and these items can boost your ability to fight off germs. Spinach, sprouts, strawberries, wheat, oranges, lemons, and avocados are great choices. It is much easier to keep this diet than to recover from a cold or the flu.

Freshman Anurva Saste said, “I’m always happy when spring comes because I can eat fruits. I’m not crazy about all vegetables, but fruits, like strawberries, make me feel fresh and are always delicious!”

Hydration also helps with general health and maintains energy levels. When the body is dehydrated, the immune system and liver cannot function.

Freshman Sravya Vegunta said, “I always try to drink water throughout the day so that I don’t get dehydrated. When that happens, I feel exhausted and don’t have the energy to carry on during the day.”

Spring opens up the possibilities of infection during travel, too. One way to prevent illness during spring break is to vaccinate yourself before travelling abroad.

In the same vein, foreign countries sometimes have different ways of preparing food. It is important to only eat hot, fully-cooked food and drink only bottled water. Remember to pack a first aid kit as well because some countries do not carry the same medications as you might generally use and need.

Although you have probably heard these phrases in regards to preventing a cold, washing your hands properly and staying hygienic are the best ways to stay healthy. Be careful when you are around others that are sick and make sure to wash your hands after being in public places. Even after doing so, avoid touching your face, as that is the most common way to catch a cold.

So, what will you be doing this spring? Will you be lying in bed or out enjoying the weather after following these tips?

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