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Spring eye makeup trends


When it comes to beauty looks for eyes, bare is popular, but so is some color especially for spring, which is approaching really soon.

Whether it is a simple dusting of eye shadow or a sweep of eyeliner, the right eye makeup for spring is important to many women.

One of the most popular trends is the smoky eye. Often described as timeless, the smoky eye consists of eye shadows in a similar color, but different shades. The shades are blended together on the eyelid that creates a glow to make the look complete.

Urban Decay’s Naked 3 eye shadow pallet is favored by many people to create smoky eyes because of its assortment of many different shades.

“I have seen many actresses and even women on the street that have smoky eyes. It looks really nice! I really want to try it for myself,” said freshman Sam Lucas.

Another eye makeup trend for Spring is called “cat eyes”. Cat eyes have a more dramatic look because of the dark eyeliner that is used. The liner is swept across the eyelid and a considerable curve is made at the end.

Most women prefer this look because it requires less makeup and gives off a natural look. A fan-favorite eyeliner for cat eyes is Sephora’s Liquid Eyeliner. It is waterproof and allows for smooth application.

Freshman Tunya Patel has tried the cat eyes look before and said, “Cat eyes are my favorite! I usually do my eyes like this because it is really easy to do and fortunately has a fantastic look.”

The next trend is bright eye shadow, a bolder look that came into style after fashion designers used it on their models on the catwalk during New York’s spring Fashion Week. Bright eye shadows have been considered a risk by many women, but some have tried it and really like it because of the pop of color it adds. Colors such as neon blues, pinks, and yellows are the most common of bright eye shadows looks.

A very popular pallet for bright colors is the Shany Bold and Bright Collection. It has colors ranging from skin toned to some really bright colors. This look is for people looking to make a statement.

The last of the popular eye makeup trends is soft pinks and neutral colors. The pale colors have more of a youthful look than any of the other trends. Teenagers tend to wear this look more often than older women because of its simplicity and because it brightens their eyes.

The most recommended pallet for this look is Rose at Burberry because of its assortment of neutral shades.

Spring is right around the corner and that means new makeup collections, so check out some of the new trends.

Will you be trying any of the looks?

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