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Spirit Week: What does it mean to you?

by BRIANNA SICILIANO Social Media Coordinator

The school week leading up to homecoming is traditionally called Spirit Week, which is a time for students to celebrate their school pride by participating in various activities and by competing against each other in Spirit Week contests.

For Monroe Township High School’s 2014 Spirit Week, each day was a different contest (whether students realized it or not). On Tuesday, October 14, students were to dress up in red, white, and blue gear. On Wednesday, students were told to come to school in their pajamas; on Thursday, it was dress to impress day, and on Friday, it was purple and gold day.

“Spirit Week is designed for students to have a good time and dress up in a fun way,” said senior Kate Broskie.

Each morning, students came into first block classes to count up how many students in each class (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors) dressed up, and by the end of the week, the winner of the “competition” was named.

The junior class won the dressing-up portion of Sprit Week. Sure, this was not an official competition, but the juniors still surpassed the remaining three classes.

“I think Sprit Week is about coming together as a class and proving that your grade has the most spirit,” said senior Alexandra Uhrig.

On Thursday afternoon, members of each class stayed after school to decorate a hallway to prove that their hallway could be the best out of all four. Each hall was decorated with a different theme. The senior theme this year was “a walk to remember,” reminding the seniors of their journey to becoming the students that they are today.

“Spirit Week brings us all a common feeling of unity, especially on Friday, when all of us students wore our purple and gold colors. No matter what grade you are in, you can enjoy the same pride of being an MTHS Falcon!” said senior Jason Aquino.

Then on Friday afternoon, MTHS students participated in a Spirit Week pep rally where sports teams were honored and the dance team performed. Along with these two events, there were activities for the classes to battle in, such as tug of war.

“I love the feeling the school has during Spirit Week; it has a sense of community and life that makes school fun! We should have more school spirit all the time…not just for one week every school year,” said senior Lindsey Frankel.

Friday night, after the pep rally, students gathered at the football field to support MTHS’ football team during their first home game, hence the “Homecoming” title. During the game, this year’s homecoming king and queen were announced. Congratulations Tomasine and Stephen!

To every student, Spirit Week means different things. Some students have no school spirit, and choose not to participate in any activities. Other students absolutely love Spirit Week and dress up every day to show how much spirit they have.

“I believe that Spirit Week is a week to show pride in your school. It is a time to make memories with your classmates and teachers and kind of take a break from all the stress and hard work that students deal with on a day to day basis. It makes you feel united with your grade, especially at the pep rally, where students go crazy and try to win all the activities to prove that their grade is the best,” said senior Krystle Danza.

What does Spirit Week mean to you?

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