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#SpeakBeautiful and redefine beauty with Dove

by BRIANNA SICILIANO Social Media Coordinator

Social media makes it possible for users to speak their mind, and instead of speaking negatively about our bodies, insecurities, and flaws, Dove and Twitter would like social media users to #SpeakBeautiful.

Last year, over five million Twitter users posted negative tweets about body image and beauty, whether about themselves, females they know or have seen, or about celebrities. It seems as if the latest trend for social media is negativity. Dove and Twitter want to change that.

If you type in words such as “ugly” or “hate” in the Twitter search bar, millions of tweets will come up, and if you keep refreshing the page, you will see thousands of more tweets popping up each second. If you were to type in “beautiful” or “love,” however, not as many tweets appear.

Every day there are random trending topics, ranging from things such as events, people’s names (those people are usually in the public eye at the moment), television shows, movies, or hashtags. When Twitter users see those trending topics, they become curious and click on the trending link. For example, when Robin Williams passed away, users clicked on the trending #RIPRobinWilliams in hopes of discovering that the hashtag was a hoax.

Dove and Twitter have teamed up in the hopes of making social media a more positive place. These two fabulous brands realize that because more negative tweets are being sent and received, more users feel negatively about themselves and others. However, if Twitter users band together and #SpeakBeautiful about ourselves and one another, an opposite outcome will happen.

Social media has a domino effect, as portrayed in Dove’s newest Youtube video:

If one Twitter user posts something negative about a person, other users feel compelled to join in. Next thing you know, there is a group of people writing negative messages about someone. It does not have to be this way forever.

Instead, Twitter users can tweet positive messages and knock all of the negative messages out of the way. Social media can transform into a welcoming, accepting, safe environment.

Ever since Dove launched this campaign, Dove’s twitter account has been trying to spread the #SpeakBeautiful trend. Dove has reached out to thousands of women who have tweeted negatively about themselves or others, and replied to those negative users with positive words.

Saying things that you love about yourself or others can build self-esteem. As a young adult, it is not easy to be positive all the time. It is not easy to share positive thoughts about yourself when you do not realize how beautiful you are.

In the past, Dove has created campaigns and videos to inspire women, including the beauty patch, real beauty sketches, love your curls, legacy, and so much more.

If you have a little sister or cousin, would you want her to think of herself or call herself names, the same way you think (and the same names you say) about yourself? If and when you are a mother one day, do you want your daughter to feel the same way about herself as you do now? Or do you want her to feel beautiful and special?

Treat yourself the same way you would treat your little sister, little cousin, or theoretical baby girl. Speak beautiful about yourself. Join in with Dove and Twitter’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign and remember that your positive tweets can make a change.

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