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Sneaker review: Air Jordan Retro ‘Stealth’ 10

by MATT DEVITO Staff Writer

The Air Jordan Retro ‘Stealth’ 10 were re-released on Wednesday, February 7 only at Finish Line.

The shoe is made of mostly suede in the upper section followed by a soft leather and rubber midsole. The outsole at the bottom of the shoe is a classic rubber with all of Michael Jordan’s NBA accolades from when he played. Finally, the sock-liner consists of a soft, cotton-like material with a black and white checkerboard pattern.

The Stealth 10s are a very comfortable shoe that supports the ankle well and provides good padding for the rest of the foot.

Look-wise, it is a very sleek shoe. The all black suede and leather give the shoe a classy look, but the design does give it that futuristic aspect to it that shows how nice the shoe is.

Freshman Kyle Daly also has a pair of Stealth 10s and said, “I love my shoes. The quality is great and it looks great. It’s worth the money!”

One flaw to the shoe is that it has an elastic band in the toe box, causing a slight uncomfortable feeling if you run in them. Also, if the shoe becomes wet, the suede could be damaged and there is a possibility that the shoe will start to squeak when you walk.

Freshman Sam Vella said, “I didn’t want the shoes because I’m afraid to get the suede wet and ruin an expensive pair of shoes.”

The shoes were released in March 2012, but have re-released due to popular demand, even if the re-release was a complete surprise.

In the general release, Jordan brand only released 1,000,000 pairs until they sold out. With Jordan, after a retro shoe sells out on release, they will not keep making pairs until the next release of the shoe. The re-release made less than 1,000,000 pairs, but a specific number was never released to the public.

The shoes retailed at $160 on, but sold out after an hour or two after people noticed they were on.

Now the only places you can get these shoes are in consignment stores and on eBay. I highly recommend these shoes.

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