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Skilled action star scores himself a reality game show, ‘Bullseye’

Action star Kellan Lutz has revealed some new information about the new reality game show “Bullseye,” which he will be co-hosting with comedian Godfrey. The show is set to premiere on FOX at nine p.m. on May 27.

The producers of the new reality show, who have also produced hit action shows such as “Fear Factor” and “Wipe Out,” have designed thrilling, high-anticipated obstacles that leaves competitors and audiences breathless. Contestants on the show do crazy stunts like hanging off of a helicopter by a rope, being slingshotted into the sky (with ropes and a harness on your body), and jumping off of trains.

Each week, four women and four men compete against each other in different obstacles and events. These contestants will use their bodies as human darts in three challenges, all attempting to hit the bullseye target whether the targets (or the contestants themselves) are on land, sea, or in the air.

The exciting thing about “Bullseye” is that everything is real. The fire is real, the trains and helicopters are real, and the contestants are real. Contestants are not stunt doubles; they are regular people just like you and I. Competitors are facing different stages in their lives: some are mothers or fathers, others are dancers or basketball players, and there are even some war veterans.

“I am a huge fan of extreme sports, and for me, nothing beats an adrenaline rush, which is why I am so excited to host this series. I love the concept of physicality and strategy combined with the most awesome challenges that will blow your mind. I am looking forward to watching these competitors push themselves out of their comfort zones and I’ll be on the sidelines cheering them on, and probably wishing it were me trying to hit the bullseye,” said Lutz.

Lutz even reveals that he will be doing a few stunts of his own on the show. In the past, Lutz has starred in films such as “Expendables 3,” “The Legend of Hercules,” “Immortals,” “Java Heat,” and many others. He is a huge adrenaline junkie and loves participating in adventurous activities.

While Lutz was being interviewed on “The Today Show,” he revealed that when the producers of the new television show asked him about hosting, he asked in return if he could participate in a few stunts of his own. The show’s creators and Lutz made an agreement, and in some of the new television’s advertisements, audiences can see Lutz mid-stunt.

Skip to 0:49 and you can see Lutz get slingshotted into the air.

If you are into action, adventure, thrills, laughter, or Kellan Lutz, this show is perfect for you.

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Tune in on May 27 and tell us what you think…are you already as in love with “Bullseye” as I am? Leave some comments below, or tweet us at @Falconers_Voice!

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