Sheppard continues to rise with “Bombs Away”

The Australian band Sheppard released their album in America on March 10, 2015 and have been climbing the charts since. The album’s different, catchy songs have people with all different tastes in music listening.

The band’s first single released in America, “Geronimo”, grew popular almost immediately. The super-catchy song is what brought the band out of Australia and introduced them to the rest of the world.

Sheppard was formed in 2011 with members Jay Bovino, Michael Butler, Dean Gordon, and siblings George Sheppard, Amy Sheppard, and Emma Sheppard. The three siblings have been writing music together all throughout their lives.

“Geronimo” is catchy and fun to listen to. The song is not super fast, but still has an upbeat tempo.

“I first heard their song ‘Geronimo’ on the radio and I liked it because I thought it was different, cool and fun to dance to,” freshman Gabby Toscono says.

The second song on the album is another upbeat-sounding song called “Something’s Missing.” When the song starts off, it seems slow, but then brightens up to a cool beat that makes it extremely catchy. There is definitely nothing missing from this track.

“Let Me down Easy” shows off the band’s vocals and instruments. Different members of the bands are always singing, and the instruments give off a reggae-inspired beat that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

“These People” is a little bit slower than most of the songs, but still keeps a similar tempo for some parts of the song. This track was another song that showcased the groups awesome vocals.

“A Grade Playa” is different from the rest of the songs in many different ways, but it does not stray from the streak of good songs Sheppard has on the album. The lyrics in this song are not my favorite, but it was nice to hear a female voice take the whole song rather than the normal lead. This song uses a cool mix of vocals to complete it, and it was clearly well done.

“Smile” is another female-led and upbeat song. This song’s lyrics were not my favorite, either, but the tempo was very upbeat and nice to listen to. It appeals much more to the pop side of music.

“The Best is Yet to Come” slows the album down and has a smooth tempo. I enjoyed the lyrics and overall message of the song, and it was extremely well-written.

“This Electric Feeling” has one of the coolest beats of the entire album. All of the members have an important part, and it really makes the song interesting to listen to.

“Find Someone” is a bit different from the rest of the songs on the album, which is a nice change of pace. The way the song starts off draws in a different audience. It is a fresh song that really helps to complete the album.

“‘Find Someone’ is probably my favorite song on the album,” freshman Kristina Timberman says.

“Lingering” slows the album down again, and was my least favorite song of the album. The lyrics were extremely common and nothing new. The song was not as well done as the rest of the album, and I really did not enjoy it as much as the others.

I like “Halfway to Hell” most out of the songs on the album. It is fast and fun with interesting lyrics. The vocals were amazing and instruments were even better. All members of the band were perfect in this song.

“Flying Away” finishes the album strong with impressive vocals and lyrics.

The songs were great for Sheppard’s debut album. All of the fans they have drawn from it are well-deserved, and more are bound to come. Every piece of their band is coming together, and they have a bright future ahead.

What is your favorite song on the "Bombs Away" album?

  1. Geronimo

  2. Something's Missing

  3. Let Me Down Easy

  4. These People

  5. A Grade Playa

  6. Smile

  7. The Best is Yet to Come

  8. This Electric Feeling

  9. Find Someone

  10. Lingering

  11. Halfway to Hell

  12. Flying Away

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