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Senior Spotlight: Ria Kakar



Ria Kakar is a passionate and dedicated member of this year’s graduating class, spotlighted for her immense achievements throughout her high school career and role as a standout leader within the school. Beyond her academic life, Kakar also manages to balance her favorite hobbies, which include playing the ukulele and reading. Kakar also is a huge fan of New Girl and La La Land. You can often find her listening to Lana Del Rey, Adele, The Weekend, and Frank Ocean.

Kakar’s commitment to academics is clear, having been on the Honor Roll and Principal's list throughout high school, and additionally being a member of multiple honor societies. Furthermore, she has been honored with a Letter of Commendation for the National Merit Scholarship and is an AP Scholar with Honor, reflecting her rigorous coursework throughout high school. According to Kakar, one of the most rigorous yet rewarding classes she has taken in her high school career is AP Calculus AB. While the class challenged her thinking, it also expanded her skills and taught her to ask for help when needed, which ultimately allowed for her growth as a person.

Kakar is also an active member of numerous extracurricular activities. One of the extracurricular activities which Kakar prides herself on being most involved in is DECA. Having been the Vice President of Marketing of DECA last year, and now serving as the club’s CEO, it is clear that Kakar is a committed leader within DECA.

Kakar also attributes significant personal growth to DECA, sharing how she transformed from a shy freshman to a confident speaker as demonstrated by her success in the club as CEO. While she was initially scared to speak in front of district competition judges during her freshman year, she now has been able to apply her speaking and business skills to win awards in categories such as Food Marketing and Human Resource Management within both FBLA and DECA.

Aside from her business pursuits in DECA, Kakar also exhibits an inclination towards government and politics as demonstrated through her extracurricular activities and internships. She is proud to serve the school’s Youth and Government club as the Vice President of Notes and a State Officer for the club. Kakar was also able to further pursue interests in government through interning for NJ Senator Vin Gopal and US Senator Cory Booker. Kakar is grateful for the valuable experience she obtained through these internships, as they advanced her communication and collaboration skills.

In ten years, Kakar sees herself working at a law firm in New York City while traveling across the world and fulfilling her bucket list. However, for now, Kakar is cherishing her last months of high school and is excited to be growing closer to her ten year goal as she pursues her undergraduate education at NYU Stern.

Before she sets off to the city this fall, she hopes to leave underclassmen at Monroe with valuable advice. Kakar acknowledges that since school and life can be tremendously stressful – the key to persevering through stressful times is prioritizing yourself.


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