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Senior Spotlight: Bryce Addeo

Bryce Addeo recently won the senior superlative Best All Around, and for good reason. He’s a three season varsity athlete, in the top 10 of his graduating class, and heavily involved in extracurriculars.

He’s incredibly interested in all things fitness and wellness-related. Addeo enjoys lifting weights with friends, cooking, going to the beach, and is particularly fond of going on fishing trips with his dad. He even works at GNC multiple nights a week, a store aiming to promote healthier living through the sale of protein products, vitamins and supplements, and pre-workout, among other products.

One of his proudest accomplishments includes being a Principal’s List student for the entirety of his high school career. In October of 2019, Addeo was recognized as Student of the Month and in April and June of 2021, he was formally inducted into the National English Honor Society and National Honor Society. As a member of these organizations, he tutors students in the Monroe Township school district, completes community service projects, and works towards fostering a school community that continues to uphold values of leadership and character. For similar reasons, he was also awarded the Eisenhower Leadership Award from West Point Academy.

Addeo is a member of the school’s chapter of FBLA and outside of school, is in a Senior Youth Group at his local church, but spends most of his time as a cross country runner.

He runs throughout the fall, winter, and spring, and this year, served as a team captain. Recently, he ran his best 5K time to date at 16:48 to help the boy’s varsity cross country team place third overall at their September 2021 Six Flags Wild Safari Meet. Addeo hopes to improve upon his personal times for the future in the following events as well: the mile, and the 800 meter and 3200 meter. However, his passion for running isn’t only for the school’s team. Just last summer, he participated in his first-ever half marathon in New York and placed seventh with a time of 1:27:38. A goal Addeo has for himself, he says, is to run in all of the major marathons across the globe during his lifetime.

In regards to his academics, his favorite subject throughout high school has been math, so much so that he’s pursuing a college education in engineering. More specifically, he hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree in science or a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

When questioned about the college application process, Addeo shared, “I am very excited to see where I get accepted and cannot wait to start the next chapter of my life.”

He has applied to a wide variety of schools, but Vanderbilt University, Villanova University, the University of Notre Dame, and the University of Virginia are of his greatest interest.

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