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Senior Spotlight: Ari Nair

Ari Nair is your typical high school senior. He enjoys watching shows like The Office, Friends, and Game of Thrones. He is a member of multiple organizations at the school, loves to listen to music, and watches football every chance he gets. There’s just one thing—he’s also the Class of 2022’s salutatorian.

Often seen as a humble and hardworking student by his peers, Nair’s accomplishments are celebrated both in and out of the classroom.

He’s been an honor roll and Principal’s List student throughout his entire high school career, but takes great pride in his app, Shelf Lyfe, which was launched on September 7 of last year. The 5-star app, available for download through the iOS Apple Store, helps users track where they store their food items along with each and every expiration date.

Nair is also a member of FBLA, DECA, Model UN, JSA, the Economics and Finance Team, National Honor Society, and Math Honor Society. He has served as JSA’s Debate Moderator and FBLA’s Webmaster, while also being on the board for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association, a club he helped create at the school.

He even represents his grade as a part of the Student Liaison program, something he has been involved in since the sixth grade. Outside of school, he is a math instructor at Kumon and continues to explore his interest in economics and finance, too.

In fact, Nair mentioned, “I had a demo app development internship the summer before my junior year. I also conducted a research study on the root cause of income inequality in America.”

When reflecting on his experience at MTHS, he also shared that his favorite class from high school was macroeconomics and one of his fondest memories is recording a project which depicted surviving in a particular biome with his friends for a Biology course he took freshman year.

After high school, Nair plans on attending college for a major in Computer Science at either Georgia Tech, Stanford, or Carnegie Mellon.

He hopes to one day have a career in quantitative finance, but for now, will settle for being second rank in his graduating class of nearly 600 people.

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