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Saying goodbye to Oscar de la Renta

by JADA MINAYA Staff Writer

Oscar de la Renta passed away on October 20 at the age of 82 in his home in Connecticut, leaving behind a legacy of fashion.

De la Renta was one of the most renowned designers in the world. He worked for Balenciaga, Elizabeth Arden, Lanvin, Jane Derby, Balmain, and then created his own bridal wear. He also released his own fragrance, OSCAR, and an accessories line.

De la Renta was born and raised in the Dominican Republic in a large family. His family was very embedded in Dominican society that produced countless successful and cultured members such as poets, doctors, lawyers, architects, mayors, scholars, entrepreneurs and many others.

When de la Renta turned 19, he went to study painting abroad in Spain at the Academy of Saint Fernando in Madrid. He started sketching clothing and designs for newspapers for extra money. His work became noticed by others, which lead to his internship with Cristóbal Balenciaga who became de la Renta’s mentor and taught him about the fashion industry. He then left Spain to work for Lanvin in Paris.

As time went on, de la Renta furthered his brand with bridal wear and other fabulous red-carpet dresses as his most esteemed creations.

In 2006, de la Renta was diagnosed with cancer. However, this did not stop him from continuing his legacy. During the next eight years, his business grew by 50 percent and generated $150 million in sales. His name became connected to acclaimed award shows such as the Oscars and Academy Awards.

Celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Adams and many have been seen in his designs.

His latest project was Amal Alamuddin’s gown for her and George Clooney’s wedding.

“He was a global fashion icon, even people who weren’t into fashion knew about his work and the fashion industry suffered a great loss with his passing,” senior Emily Bezerra said.

A year ago, de la Renta proclaimed he was clean from cancer, but on Monday, October 20, he passed away due to complications from cancer in his home in Kent, Connecticut. His death was confirmed by his current wife, Annette de la Renta.

“He was a truly iconic designer who had a true taste for style and even though he’s gone, his legacy will still live on,” sophomore Alex Ragh said.

De la Renta will always in our hearts. No one will forget his work ethic and his clearly stunning gowns and other creations. The fashion industry will continue to prevail, inspired by him. The legacy and business he has created will advance and be as eminent as he would only wish for it to be.

Rest in peace, Oscar de la Renta.

What will you remember Oscar de la Renta most for?

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